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Benefits of Hiring a DJ for Your ReceptionWhen it comes to your wedding, you may be debating whether or not you should hire a DJ or a band. Both of them have their benefits, so it's important to realize the pros and cons of each. Here are some of the benefits to having a DJ at your wedding reception.

Wide Variety

Perhaps one of the largest benefits to having a DJ at your wedding is that you will have a wide variety of music to choose from. He or she should be able to provide music from nearly any genre, which can help make the reception much more fun. People can request songs they would like to dance to, and the DJ should be able to easily accommodate most requests. If you are someone who likes music from the '60s mixed with music from today, this may be a perfect option for you. A band likely won't have nearly as much variety, and you will probably be limited to the songs they already know how to perform.

It Will Sound Good

Hiring a band can be risky because you want your music to sound good. When you have someone playing a track of the original band performing the song, you know exactly what to expect. You don't have to worry about the band somehow messing up the song or it being sung in a way you do not like. This can be especially important for your first dance as a married couple.

Easier Transitions

Sometimes, it's time to go from some fast-paced dance music to something a little slower. The transition to this can be much easier when you have a DJ instead of a band. You don't have to wait for a band to finish its set before moving on. It's pretty easy for a DJ to stop a song that's already playing and quickly replace it with the song you want. This is good for when you shift into the slow dance part of the evening.

Fewer Gaps Between Songs

When a band plays a song, it usually takes the members a few moments to get prepared for the next song. When you are dancing, it can be uncomfortable waiting for that next song to start. It can really interrupt the flow of the evening. When songs are being played from a track, there will be little to no gaps in the music. The DJ should have no problem lining up songs so you don't have to sit there waiting for the next song to start.

Songs You Like

When you have a band, there is a limit to the songs you will hear performed. Even when you have a band that has a wealth of experience, it can be difficult for the group to play all of your favorite songs. With a DJ, you can have a song list of songs you would like to hear. Alternatively, you can also provide a list of songs you do not want played at your wedding reception. This can prevent awkward moments, such as a song shared by you and your ex playing at the reception.

How to Get the Most From Your Experience

When hiring a DJ, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most from the experience:

  • Make your expectations clear from the start.
  • Make sure he or she has a list of what to play and what not to play.
  • Make it clear whether or not you want him or her to talk in between songs.

There are many decisions when it comes to your wedding. Choosing whether to hire a band or DJ is just one of them. They both have their benefits and disadvantages.

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