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Avoid These Common Proposal Mistakes

The decision to get married can be an exciting one to make with your significant other. Of course, it all begins with the proposal. While a conversation beforehand is the norm these days, the proposal is still the &ldquo ...

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Why You Should Continue Dating After Marriage

Once the wedding has come and gone and your honeymoon is over, you may have settled back into your routine. The two of you have likely gone back to work and started dealing with the stresses of life and money again. Whil ...

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Make Your Mark: Choosing Your Wedding Day Fragrance

You may have already thought about how individual elements such as clothing, footwear, and accessories will factor into your wedding day style. Meanwhile, scent is a powerful sensory detail that impacts emotions and well ...

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Smart Planning Tips for Unmarried Long-Term Couples

In our society, marriage is often considered an end goal for most adults, the final and logical destination for romantic partners who invest in their long-term relationships. However, some choose not to get married for a ...

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What to Wear to Your Baptism

Getting baptized is a significant event in one's life. Whether this is something you have been planning on for a long time or something you have recently committed to, it's exciting and something that you will probably r ...

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Increase Your Wedding Luck With These International Customs

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a superstitious person, there is nothing wrong with hoping for a bit of good luck on the day of your wedding. For as long as marriage has been around, brides and grooms have bee ...

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Wedding Facts You Might Not Have Considered

As far as traditions go, weddings tend to be overloaded with rituals of all kinds. While culture or religious beliefs will often dictate the specific customs of a ceremony, some practices simply linger because people eng ...

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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

No marriage is perfect. No matter how much two people love each other, every marriage is going to go through ups and downs. There may even be times when you're wondering whether you made the right decision by marrying th ...

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Binge These Non-Bridal Shows While Planning Your Wedding

When you’re actively planning a wedding, almost every waking second is dedicated to ironing out one nuptial detail or another. While there is something to be said for ambition, you also need to know when to kick ba ...

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Jumping the Broom: Its Origins and Meanings

In nearly every culture, weddings signify entry into a new stage of one’s life. Since humans have been choosing symbols and infusing them with significance since the beginning of time, it’s no surprise that m ...

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