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The Exciting Legal Benefits of Marriage

Getting married can seem a bit passé to some. While there are plenty who still hold this old institution in high regard, more and more people are shrugging their shoulders at the thought of a wedding. Even though ...

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Attending a Wedding? Consider These Trendy Attire Tips

Customs surrounding weddings change from year to year and culture to culture. This especially goes for what is and isn’t acceptable for guests to wear. If you’ve got a few weddings to attend in your future, t ...

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Get Fit and Feel Inspired With Couple’s Exercises

Working up the motivation to hit the gym can be difficult for many. Even though you might be trying to get fit for walking down the aisle, this might not be enough to get you to drag yourself to the gym. Conveniently, ge ...

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Embracing Hospice Care

When a loved one is reaching the end of his or her life, things can get hard. People in this stage of life often need a great deal of medical care, but in the end, there's not a lot that medical care can do for them. Som ...

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Dealing With Your Parents’ Divorce

Divorce often brings up a great deal of strife in families. People can get divorced for a wide range of reasons, but when you are the children of parents getting divorced, the reason likely doesn't matter much to you. Al ...

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Journeying to Valhalla: Asatru Funerary Traditions

Many cultures from all over the world believe in an afterlife where the dead can go to rest. Some ancient Norse people hoped to find themselves in Valhalla, a realm where those deemed worthy resided with the all-father d ...

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Raising Children as a Widower or Widow

Losing someone close to you is hard no matter what, but the pain is often multiplied when it's your significant other. Whether it was something tragic and unexpected or something you anticipated was coming for a while, i ...

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Break Tradition With These Engagement Ring Ideas

Marriage has been around a long time. In all of human history, there have been some interesting traditions to come and go related to weddings. The engagement ring, for example, is a symbol that experts believe came about ...

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Simple Ways To Announce Your Engagement

Engagements make for big news. While you might feel like you want to keep your engagement as small and as intimate as possible, you are eventually going to need to spread the news to the people you care about. Nowadays, ...

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Wedding Reception Cash Bars: A Sensible Move or an Etiquette No-No?

Traditions and etiquette standards have changed a lot within the last 50 years, shifting as our social landscape has altered and technological innovations have impacted our daily lives. Some customs that would have been ...

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