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“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”

It’s a phrase you never want to hear a response to when you’re standing at the aisle, ready to speak your vows and marry the person you love. Yet, Hollywood movies and television shows often rely on it as a d ...

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Essential Tips for Your Potluck Wedding Reception

Along with brunch-style meals, food truck catering and shindigs featuring “heavy appetizers,” potluck weddings are also gaining popularity among the newly engaged. If your goals include saving money, planning ...

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The 411 on Wedding Toasts: Who, When, How and Why

Toasts are considered a fundamental part of a wedding reception, but it’s easy to get the jitters if you’re new to the practice. If you’re a close family member or part of the wedding party, however, yo ...

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Contrary to Popular Belief, Millennials Are Not Killing Weddings

Check the news from the last few years, and you’ll see headlines bemoaning a wide range of millennial spending habits and lifestyle choices. As a demographic cohort, adults born between the late 1970s and the mid-1 ...

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Blue Planet: How Other Cultures Handle Loss

Losing someone close to you can be paralyzing. Death is hard to accept, no matter how old you might be or how used to loss you might think you are. While it can be hard to move forward, there is comfort in knowing you ar ...

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The Backstory Behind “Here Comes the Bride”

If you've attended a few weddings, you might have heard the familiar “Bridal Chorus,” otherwise known as “Here Comes the Bride” or the “Bridal March,” played during the processional. Y ...

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In Sickness and Health: Making the Right Married Lifestyle Choices

Marriage is a joining of two souls as one. Of course, this does not always suggest the best results. When two people come together who both have destructive habits, those habits can easily grow out of control. Even seemi ...

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“Creator, Does This Unit Have a Soul?”

Is there life after death? We have pondered that question about ourselves and our animal companions for millennia. Now, the same inquiries are being posed about androids, robots and other kinds of artificial intelligence ...

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Planning a Dance-Friendly Wedding Reception

When you want to make your nuptial celebration dance-friendly, finding a starting point for your planning might pose a challenge. This is especially true if you don't have any experience organizing large-scale social eve ...

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Tips on Picking Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is an opportunity for you to gather your closest friends and family members together to help you celebrate the love you share with your partner. Of course, there are also going to be some difficult decisions ...

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