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For Transgender Jewish Teens, the Mitzvah Is Part of the Journey

Many Jewish teenagers mark their journey towards adulthood with a pivotal coming of age ritual signifying new social and religious responsibilities. Children assigned male at birth are typically inducted into this period ...

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Should We Say “Goodbye” to the Rented Tuxedo?

Tuxedoes slowly became the gold standard for American weddings during the second half of the 20th century. Once strictly reserved for wear during evening formal events, they became the groom’s uniform du jour regar ...

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Grief Is Universal: Helping Your Pets Cope With Loss

We need to grieve whenever we lose someone close to us, but what about our pets? Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that they feel the loss of a loved one just as much as we do. During this difficult time, there are ...

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Even in Death, You Are Not Alone: The Role of the Psychopomp

Have you ever heard the phrase “crossing the river Styx”? You may not know about the Greek myth behind the saying but might be familiar with the idea of spirit guides helping the dead pass into the afterlife. ...

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Downloading Ourselves: Can Human Consciousness Live On Inside Computers?

Speculative fiction has repeatedly asked the question of whether the human consciousness can live on after death in this plane of existence. Technological aids for extending life, as well as the potential consequences of ...

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One for the Men

Weddings are celebrations surrounding the union of two people in love. In a more traditional marriage, the bride is the one who people tend to shower with the most affection and attention. This is because weddings have b ...

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Announcing Your Engagement With Grace

When you and your partner have decided to get engaged, it can be a very big moment in your life. It can be such a huge deal, in fact, that you want to run right out and tell all of your closest friends and family members ...

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Staying Connected: How to Handle Social Media and Your Wedding

Getting engaged is a life event you most likely want to share with the world. In fact, most couples wind up posting on the internet about their engagements within a day of getting engaged. It seems like the world is spin ...

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Finding Your Vegan Wedding Cake

Whether you’ve chosen a vegan lifestyle to improve your health, lessen your impact on the environment or reduce animal suffering, you’re probably eyeing a vegan cake for your wedding. Chances are, you’r ...

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A Fast Guide to Bar Mitzvah Guest Etiquette

The presence of social media at social events such as weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs has added another layer of complexity when it comes to etiquette. Within the last decade, experts have set down guidelines for the ...

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