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Wedding Facts You Might Not Have Considered

As far as traditions go, weddings tend to be overloaded with rituals of all kinds. While culture or religious beliefs will often dictate the specific customs of a ceremony, some practices simply linger because people eng ...

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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

No marriage is perfect. No matter how much two people love each other, every marriage is going to go through ups and downs. There may even be times when you're wondering whether you made the right decision by marrying th ...

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Binge These Non-Bridal Shows While Planning Your Wedding

When you’re actively planning a wedding, almost every waking second is dedicated to ironing out one nuptial detail or another. While there is something to be said for ambition, you also need to know when to kick ba ...

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Jumping the Broom: Its Origins and Meanings

In nearly every culture, weddings signify entry into a new stage of one’s life. Since humans have been choosing symbols and infusing them with significance since the beginning of time, it’s no surprise that m ...

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Want an Unplugged Wedding? Follow This Essential Advice

For many people, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are essential tools for communication, organization, photography, productivity, and leisure. Yet with the chance of wedding pics spoiled by shutter-happy gu ...

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Living Funerals: A New Type of Send-Off

The commonly repeated axiom that funerals benefit the living more than the dead may have some truth to it, especially if you consider loved ones’ need for closure. Yet what if you hold a funeral for someone while h ...

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Buddhist Funerals 101: Grieving and Remembrance

Death is often regarded with equal parts curiosity, awe, and fear, so it’s not surprising that humans have developed complex belief systems and rituals to deal with it. Since it’s sometimes hard to tell wheth ...

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Odd International Wedding Traditions to Give You Pause

Most families have specific traditions when it comes to celebrating new unions. Wedding rituals can be found all over the world. If you feel like members of your family are asking you to engage in some awkward or embarra ...

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Ditch the Madness and Have a Relaxing Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are known for being off-the-walls. If you are not interested in getting wasted with your girls and having a half-remembered night with male dancers and endless trips to the bathroom, then maybe a mor ...

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Stephen Hawking and Disability Narratives After Death

If you’ve seen any mass media coverage about Stephen Hawking’s passing this past March, you’ve probably witnessed praise of the late physicist that he “surpassed his disabilities” and excell ...

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