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Couple Watching TVWhen you’re actively planning a wedding, almost every waking second is dedicated to ironing out one nuptial detail or another. While there is something to be said for ambition, you also need to know when to kick back and turn off your wedding brain. A great way to do this is with setting aside a few hours each week for binge-watching something on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever streaming service you prefer. Now, your first inclination might be to start looking for wedding-themed shows to keep your planning game strong. Hold back that urge and consider some alternatives.

You’ve been putting so many hours into making your special day as special as possible and you deserve a break. Watching programs where brides go bananas or couples select their ideal cakes might seem sensible but it will only serve to overload you on wedding stuff. To truly relax and binge, explore some of these shows and let yourself breathe.

Light and Poignant

Nothing beats a good laugh when you’re stressed. Fans of comedy should definitely consider exploring a show like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Though the name might seem off-putting at first, it is something of a Trojan horse. The title and the show itself both play around with what makes a person “crazy” and does a fantastic job addressing mental health issues in a tasteful and hilarious manner. The best part? The show is a musical. The show’s protagonist is a woman who often feels so overwhelmed with emotion that she envisions a world where people burst into song to make points.

The songs of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” are the icing on the cake. Show co-creator and star Rachel Bloom first gained public attention on her YouTube channel several years back for her comedic and insightful music videos. If you want to hear side-splitting songs like “Nothing Is Ever Anyone’s Fault,” “We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now,” and “The Math of Love Triangles,” then this is a show to put on the next time you get a night in. You and your partner will enjoy laughing along with this program and looking at love in an entirely different light.

Food Competition Shows

Watching a show with a plot might be way more than you want to deal with while planning for your wedding. You’ve got a lot on your plate and you might not feel like learning about a bunch of new characters and their misadventures. If you want to turn off your planning stress and just veg out on the couch, you’ve got a best friend with food competition shows. These programs are usually very simple in premise while having countless episodes in each season. This combination will work to your favor when you just want to relax.

A show like “Chopped,” for example, can easily get you engaged without needing to invest too much time in any type of story. Each episode introduces you to four chefs who need to create meals based around mystery ingredients given to them in a basket at the start of each round. Usually, contestants go through an appetizer round, entree round, and dessert round. Even if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen already, you’re likely to start taking notes when you see some of the wild creativity involved with using the ingredients on this program.

Find Your Niche

Watching television is a whole different experience nowadays. You have your pick of shows and can pretty much watch multiple seasons of whatever you’d like in an afternoon or two. When selecting something to binge while planning for your wedding, try to select something that will help you to relax without needing too much of your attention. Once you find your niche with digestible television, you’ll be ready to lose some hours and unwind.

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