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Fall Marriage ProposalThe decision to get married can be an exciting one to make with your significant other. Of course, it all begins with the proposal. While a conversation beforehand is the norm these days, the proposal is still the “big moment.” Popping the question has become something of a sport in recent years, with people going above and beyond in sensational ways to surprise their partners with grand, showy proposals. You might not be looking to organize a flash mob, but you can definitely benefit from taking a moment to think about the proposal in advance.

There are a ton of common mistakes couples make when it comes to starting their engagements. In order for you to avoid these pitfalls, look over these simple suggestions.

Too Soon

Perhaps the most significant of all proposal-related problems is asking far too early. Maybe you’ve been dating someone for a few months and you really feel as if this person is everything you have been searching for in a partner. The butterflies you’ve been feeling over the months might be a totally new sensation for you and this might cause you to make sudden decisions. No matter how deeply you care about this person, you really don’t want to propose that early unless there has been a previous discussion.

Most couples are not rushing into their unions these days. Attitudes toward marriage have changed significantly over the years and many would rather take care of other milestones, like purchasing a home, first. If you’ve only been with your significant other for a few months or a year, you definitely need to have an open conversation about marriage before you decide to surprise your sweetie with a ring. Asking too early can sour a good thing and might make you come across like you’re trying to rush into a big responsibility.

Everyone You Love Is Here

Another big mistake made by couples during their proposals has to do with witnesses. Having all of your family and friends at your wedding is a given. You want everyone you know to share in this moment. Still, this doesn’t mean your partner wants to have every person you’ve ever met present at the moment you decide to propose. As mentioned, showy proposals have been on the rise. If you think popping the question in front of everyone your significant other cares about is the right choice, then you might want to take a moment to think it over.

Intimate moments are very important in a relationship. Though you may feel like a proposal is something to be shared with everyone you know, your partner might have a different take. If you never have a conversation about how your partner would like to be proposed to, then you could be assuming a lot. Instead of putting the person you love on the spot by asking a monumental question in a public setting, take a second to have a talk about it. Simply asking if it is what your partner wants can be enough to know for sure.

Too Late

Finally, you can’t wait forever to propose. While the first bit of advice here was to not rush into the proposal, you also need to make sure you avoid the opposite. Waiting too long to pop the question can make your partner feel like you don’t take the relationship seriously. The longer you’ve been with your significant other, the more likely it is you’ll need to openly discuss the future before all of the waiting around becomes toxic.

Before proposing, you need to take a moment to think about what the best choice is for you and your partner. Putting a little more thought behind your decision can help to increase the odds of hearing “yes” when you finally pop the question.

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