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Wedding AttireCustoms surrounding weddings change from year to year and culture to culture. This especially goes for what is and isn’t acceptable for guests to wear. If you’ve got a few weddings to attend in your future, then you might be thinking about what you’re going to wear. Most people like to get fancy for events like this but getting “dressed up” can mean different things to different people. To get a better idea of what to do, you might want to look to some popular trends for wedding guest attire.

For the Ladies

To kick off style tips for the gals, it can be important to mention that women are no longer expected to wear dresses to weddings. The bride, of course, is likely to opt to wear a dress, but guests can get creative. While you know you shouldn’t roll into a reception wearing tattered jeans and a stained tank top, you can definitely explore outfits where pants are a part of the equation. Jumpsuits have come back in a big way for women. Because of this, a lot of designers are releasing more “formal” jumpsuits for upscale events.

If you feel like you still want to wear a dress, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be traditional or conservative (unless that’s your style!). Nowadays, it’s common to see women of all ages wearing short dresses. Keep the length sensible and get creative with the patterns. There are some great prints being released by top designers featuring vintage prints, floral designs, and all sorts of beautiful options to inspire your final choice. Those who want to accessorize should definitely consider simple, elegant hats, as these have come back in a trendy way.

For the Gentlemen

Many men keep it basic when it comes to wedding attire. A simple suit might be all well and nice, but it also doesn’t offer much in the creativity department. Recent years have seen men of all ages get more clever with how they dress. Since a tie is a part of the look for many guys, you might find it useful to play around with patterns, length, width, and style. Pocket squares are another accessory seeing a big resurgence. Finding a square that matches your tie and complements the color of your suit can do wonders.

Using the word “suit” can also seem a bit misleading. Your coat and pants do not need to be an identical match. Play around with different combinations depending on what time of year it is. A pair of white or khaki pants offset by a light blue blazer can be a winning look in the spring. You also might want to wear a shirt with mid-length or short sleeves in the summer to keep yourself cool in the heat. A simple watch or bracelet is always a good pick when it comes to bringing the whole outfit together.

For Everyone

While thinking over trendy tips can be useful, you also want to consider the happy couple. Are they having an outdoor wedding in a barn in August? A barn with live animals nearby, perhaps? The couple will most likely want guests to wear sensible shoes and less elegant attire. Conversely, you definitely won’t want to dress too casual at a ceremony for a couple with a tendency to take offense. Use your best judgment and you’ll see the best results.

Times and trends might fly by so fast you don’t even notice them, but weddings seem to be a constant in life. Remember to think about what the bride and groom will expect of their guests before making any hard decisions on your look. Once you understand your parameters, go crazy exploring all kinds of fun, trendy outfits!

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