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Should Hotels Include Bibles in the Rooms?

While they were once common, over the last decade Bibles have disappeared from hotel rooms. As technology improves and international travel becomes more widespread, is the hotel room Bible still necessary? 

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STDs: A Public Health Crisis or Morality Issue?

Evangelist Franklin Graham recently called the rise of STDs in the United States a moral failure. He suggested if more Americans were pious, STD rates would decline. But do his opinions match the scientific data?

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Stay Healthy on Your Wedding Day With These Self-Care Tips

Wedding days are busy- but don't fall into the trap of eating poorly or letting your exercise routine slip. Eating well-rounded meals and getting a workout in will make you more energized to make it through the big day.

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Viva Las Vegas: A History of Matrimony in the City of Lights

Las Vegas: a city of decadence, luxury, and good times. Huge jackpots can be won in the blink of an eye, but it’s easy to lose all your money in a matter of minutes. Yet say the words “Las Vegas” and yo ...

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Something Old, Something New: The Origins of Common Wedding Traditions

Planning your nuptials means giving careful thought to every detail involved. That includes typical wedding customs that might easily be taken for granted. Whether you’re a traditional type at heart or you want to ...

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How to Enjoy Your Cake's Top Tier Next Year

If cake is on your list for your upcoming wedding, your friends, family and baker may have already asked whether you’re saving the top layer. Maybe you’ve pondered the issue, and you’re not sure yet wha ...

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Should You Toss Out the Garter and Bouquet Traditions?

Ask casual observers to list common Western wedding traditions and you’ll probably hear about two sometimes questionable and embarrassing practices: bouquet and garter tosses. Although they’re customs from a ...

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What Does Baptism Mean? It Depends on Who You Ask

Followers of many religions all over the world find themselves trying to discern the greater significance behind their devotional practices. “Ritual for ritual’s sake” is often decried, regardless of wh ...

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Common Myths About Marriage

When it comes to marriage, nearly everyone has an opinion. You may find that once you are married, more people than ever are offering their unsolicited advice or asking you and your spouse personal questions. For some re ...

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Interesting American Wedding Customs You Might Want In Your Wedding

In the grand scheme of things, America is quite a young country. Still, a lot has changed since the nation was first colonized by Europeans. As the years have passed by, a number of traditions have come and gone. When it ...

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