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Romantic Bed at a HotelHow long should your honeymoon be? According to a September 2018 Brides article, the average post-wedding getaway lasts between 10 and 14 days. Yet you may not be able to take such a long trip. Perhaps you don’t have enough vacation time or you must quickly resume other duties. Maybe your budget doesn’t have room for a full honeymoon. That doesn’t mean you must forgo traveling altogether. A new trend, the mini-moon, is a great alternative for couples with limited time or funds.

What Is a Mini-Moon?

An October 2018 Zola Unveiled piece discusses mini-moons and planning tips. Editor Kate Lynn Nemett describes them as trips with all the fun of traditional honeymoons but shorter and closer to home. They’re ideal solutions for couples who can’t get away from their jobs, afford a longer vacay, or have relatives or pets relying on them for care.

Mini-moons typically last around three to four days, comparable to a long weekend getaway or a short staycation. Instead of a full itinerary with dozens of activities, a mini-moon lets you pick and choose a few to savor. You also avoid a major hit to your bank account and reduce worries about your job and responsibilities. As Brides writer Tyler Atwood points out, they give you an opportunity to decompress and relax. Not only that, you still have the option of taking a longer trip at a later time.

Planning Tips for a Successful Trip

Now that you know what a mini-moon is, how do you plan one? Wedding Wire’s Jason Kessler has some helpful answers. He emphasizes that couples should make as few decisions as possible to get the most out of their journeys. Since the chief goal is to help you transition into everyday life, it’s wise to keep some useful hints in mind:

  • Don’t worry about crafting the “perfect” getaway.
  • Your destination doesn’t have to be extraordinary. Pick someplace that’s convenient and has the amenities you desire.
  • Keep your schedule light. Let your primary focus be relaxation.
  • Don’t stress over activities. Choose a couple that you’ll both enjoy.

Kessler adds that he and his spouse traveled to an all-inclusive resort, but you don’t have to select one for your mini-moon. There are plenty of other possibilities:

  • Staycations with jaunts to your favorite local spots
  • Road trips with scenic sightseeing
  • Camping in a state or national park
  • Three-day cruises

Your destination is still important, but the time you spend together is what makes the experience worthwhile.

Destination Ideas To Explore

If you want a mini-moon and you’re stuck for destination ideas, you can find many suggestions online. Martha Stewart Weddings, The Travel, and Traveling Newlyweds have several stateside and foreign recommendations. They mention major metro areas such as Baltimore, California’s Palm Springs, New York City, and Portland. If you want to stay in the United States but avoid the big city hustle-bustle, try places like Taos in New Mexico, Napa Valley, Georgia’s Sea Island, and Lake Placid. Top suggestions also include a couple of popular Colorado locations, Vail and Aspen.

Want a foreign locale without the long trip? The writers suggest places like Cancun and Puerto Rico. Even after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still open for tourism. Depending on which options you select, the money you spend can help the island’s ongoing recovery. New York Magazine details where to go and what to do to make an impact.

A Fabulous Mini-Moon Is Within Your Reach 

For couples short on time or money to travel, mini-moons may be the best options. For a relaxing vacation, focus more on the time you spend together and less on the location and activities. With plenty of doable destinations, planning a short post-wedding trip is easier than ever.

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