Meditating BridePlanning your wedding can easily turn into a stress-inducing situation. Whether you’re throwing a large event or a smaller, more humble affair, feelings of frustration can come about at any point during the process. Though it might be par for the course, anxiety over your big day is not something you have to accept. Instead, practicing a bit of meditation could be exactly what you require to feel the wedding stress melt away so that you can get back to selecting floral arrangements and looking at potential DJs.

Meditation isn’t a complicated activity, but some people feel awkward with getting started. Find the best path for your wedding stress and explore these tactics for meditating your way to a clear, calm mind.

Remove Yourself

The beauty of meditation is that it does not take a long time to get into. What’s more, finding ways to clear your mind can help you in a number of important ways. Do you feel overly involved in the planning of your wedding? It might seem like a strange question at first, especially because it is your wedding, but removing yourself a bit from the madness can be a great way to feel relief. The further you plunge into the waters of planning without coming up for air, the easier it becomes to let the wedding stress get to you.

One of the most important steps for meditation is breathing. Specifically, you want to practice focusing on the slow, steady rhythms of your breath. Find a nice, comforting spot to sit in your home and settle down for a moment. Breathe into your nose for roughly three seconds, hold the air in your lungs for two seconds, then gently release the breath in a steady stream of air through your mouth. Keep cycling your breath in this manner and you will start to feel your body enter a more relaxed state of being.

Clear Your Mind and Focus

When you are very invested in planning your nuptials, certain decisions might be more difficult to make than you anticipated. You could become obsessed with throwing a perfect wedding, which can easily cause indecision and make you second-guess all of your choices. Meditation can help you through this difficulty, as part of the process of meditating involves focusing your thoughts in a more useful way. Sorting through the swirling thoughts and ideas in your head can be next to impossible when you don’t give yourself a moment to focus on one task at a time.

After you have gotten your breathing into a steady rhythm, try and clear your mind of all thoughts. This is the most difficult step for most people, so don’t feel bad if you can’t immediately clear your mind when you sit down. With practice, you’ll be able to settle into a state of meditative bliss without a million swirling thoughts bothering you. The goal is to be able to walk back to a task after meditating with a mind that has less chatter, making it somewhat easier to make important decisions without interference.

A Couple’s Activity

Meditation can seem like a personal excursion, but you may also find it useful to include your significant other. Your upcoming wedding is probably stressing you both out to some degree. Make meditation into a couples activity and see what you both can learn. You may wind up discovering that you both want to keep meditating long after the day of your wedding has come and gone.

Though planning for your big day can be a stressful process, there are many ways to calm your spirits and find clarity. Explore what meditation can do for you and learn about safe and effective ways of dealing with life’s many frustrations.

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