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Same Sex Wedding CoupleSince the landmark 2015 Supreme Court decision that opened the door to marriage equality, finding ways to make your wedding meaningful is easier now than before. While you'll have some of the typical decisions to make when planning your nuptials, there are also some issues unique to organizing a same-gender ceremony. Armed with some useful tips, you'll be able to set up a special day that's memorable and enjoyable for you, your beloved and your guests.

Try Departing from Tradition

As you begin making your arrangements, you may discover that conventional wedding practices don't quite fit for you and your intended. It's up to the two of you to make things special and unique, so you may opt to dispense with a few traditional elements or revamp everything and redesign the ceremony from scratch. The only absolute requirements are you, your future spouse, an officiant, and a marriage certificate. Everything else can be individually crafted to create a joyful celebration of your love.

Find a Friendly Officiant

With the law of the land changing and religious doctrine shifting, it's easier now to find an officiant. If you currently attend a house of worship, your minister may be willing to preside at the ceremony. This is especially true if either of you practices reform or conservative Judaism, or if you're a member of the Presbyterian, Quaker, Episcopalian or Unitarian Universalist churches. The United Church of Christ also sanctions same-gender weddings. Lutherans are also in luck, but check to make your church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America.

Those who don't belong to one of the primary Abrahamic religions may find it even easier to locate an officiant. Many faiths, such as Wicca or those rooted in Indigenous spiritual practices, tend to allow same-gender marriages. A close friend or family member can also get ordained as a minister with the Universal Life Church to officiate your wedding, as well. If all else fails or you want a more secular celebration, you may want to try using a civil officiant.

Decide on Your Attire Early

Your choice of attire is one of the central factors that determine the theme and tone of your special day. Selecting your options sooner rather than later is wise, especially if you're deciding to go with non-traditional garb. As soon as you have ideas, seek out a friendly vendor and contact them right away. This is especially ideal if you're a cisgender person who's not opting for typical formal wear, or if you're a transgender person with proportions that differ from what most clothing makers carry.

Vet Your Vendors

Even though marriage equality is the law of the land, it doesn't hurt to confirm whether potential vendors are willing to work for you and your intended. Be upfront when you contact caterers, photographers, florists, bakeries and other businesses. Let them know you're marrying someone of the same gender, and be prepared to move on if their response is not favorable.

Hiring a Planner May Avoid Major Headaches

If you're having difficulty navigating the universe of wedding officiants and vendors, now may be the time to call in a planner. This professional will have inside information about great venues, queer-friendly businesses and understanding officiants. Also, your planner will work with your timeline and budget to help craft a memorable day for you, your love and your guests. And this is definitely advantageous is you've got hectic schedules or have a limited amount of time in which to plan.

Make Your Day Your Own

Organizing your nuptials may take a little more effort than most, but you and your future spouse will be rewarded with a unique celebration of your love. Your special day deserves to be just that special. And with a few important steps you take now, your planning with be remarkably simpler.

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