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The Sweetheart Table: A Hotly Debated Wedding Tradition

Depending on who you ask, the sweetheart table is either a great piece of wedding reception décor, a wonderful respite for newlyweds or a horrible tradition that puts the happy couple in an uncomfortable display. ...

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Common Wedding Cake Traditions, Unboxed

As you and your future spouse decide what sort of delectable sweet treat you’ll offer to your wedding guests, you’ll probably encounter some typical traditions involving wedding cake. There’s a reason b ...

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A Quick Guide to Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Rentals

Some sources indicate that tuxedo rentals are on their way out. A 2015 Business Insider piece explains that changing trends such as less formal weddings, online tuxedo vendors, and the shrinking gap between renting and p ...

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Tips for Planning Your Sustainable Wedding

Whether you’re concerned about financial feasibility or you aim to be socially and environmentally responsible, you may list sustainability as one of the major goals for your wedding. As you begin the planning stag ...

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A Few Suggestions for Your Wedding Invitations

After making the decision to tie the knot, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Sending out invitations, for example, can be a very important part of the process. Once you know the date and venue, you’re essentiall ...

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Avoid These Common Proposal Mistakes

The decision to get married can be an exciting one to make with your significant other. Of course, it all begins with the proposal. While a conversation beforehand is the norm these days, the proposal is still the &ldquo ...

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Make Your Mark: Choosing Your Wedding Day Fragrance

You may have already thought about how individual elements such as clothing, footwear, and accessories will factor into your wedding day style. Meanwhile, scent is a powerful sensory detail that impacts emotions and well ...

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Increase Your Wedding Luck With These International Customs

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a superstitious person, there is nothing wrong with hoping for a bit of good luck on the day of your wedding. For as long as marriage has been around, brides and grooms have bee ...

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Beyond the Veil: Selecting the Right Bridal Veil

Veils are a piece of headgear that have seen a number of uses across the world. Historians place the invention of the veil sometime in early human history, with examples being found in the ancient texts and artwork of Me ...

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Planning a Summer Wedding? Keep These Tips in Mind

Statistically, spring weddings are reported to be the most popular option amongst couples tying the knot. Still, marrying in the spring is not as convenient as many would hope. Since venues throughout this season book fa ...

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