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Too Many Weddings: Guest Etiquette

When you hit a certain age in life, people you know are going to start getting married at a much more rapid pace. Before you can even say “I do,” you’re going to notice your calendar filling up with eng ...

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Incorporate Spring Into Your Fling

According to countless polls conducted over the decades, May has long held the top spot as the most popular month for couples to get married. While October and June often appear in the mix, May always seems to come out o ...

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How to Deal With an Uncooperative Bridesmaid

There's no getting around it: Weddings can be very stressful. This isn't just true for the bride and groom, it can happen to others involved in the wedding party as well. While your flower girls and ring bearers aren't l ...

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What to Expect From Your Guests

A lot of work is involved with getting married. Whether you are someone who obsesses over organization or likes to take a more relaxed approach to life, you are still going to put a good amount of effort into crafting a ...

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Odd International Wedding Traditions to Give You Pause

Most families have specific traditions when it comes to celebrating new unions. Wedding rituals can be found all over the world. If you feel like members of your family are asking you to engage in some awkward or embarra ...

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Do You Need a Wedding Website?

Getting married in the age of technology can bring a lot of interesting options to the digital table. It stands to reason you have heard about wedding websites in recent years. Many couples opt to design websites featuri ...

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Use Tech to Your Advantage While Planning a Wedding

Technology has completely transformed the way most people go about their daily routines. While you might not be someone who knows how to code or build a computer from scratch, you still most likely use your smartphone or ...

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Successful Wedding Exercise Tips When You Hate Exercise

Getting in shape and staying healthy might be top priorities for many people but there are plenty more who hate the idea of exercising. If you would rather kick back and relax than hit the gym, you may be at an interesti ...

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Engagement Ring Discussions

The tradition of marriage changes with each passing year. Once, it was quite common for a person in a relationship to surprise his or her significant other by “popping the question” in a surprising way. While ...

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Avoid Stress When Dressing Your Best

Whether you’re a bride to be, part of the groomsman crew, or simply an invited guest, you'll want to find something to wear that will reflect your personal style. It’s natural to feel excited or maybe a littl ...

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