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the wedding cakeA wedding is a classic event. For generations, weddings have been a central part of practically every culture on the planet. Though there are some wedding traditions that have stuck around, most of them have seen big changes over the years. Here are a few of the more common traditions that you might be familiar with and how they have changed over the years.

Who Pays?

Once upon a time, one of the more common wedding traditions was to have the family of the bride pay for the event. This was a tradition that lasted for many years, and still persists today in some cultures. For the most part, this is a practice that has changed form a bit. Weddings have become a lot more expensive since this tradition began, and that has changed the way weddings are paid for.

While it might have been common for the family of the bride to shoulder the financial burden of the event, nowadays it is more likely that both the bride and groom will split the costs. Families might still be involved in paying for the event, but this pretty much comes down to the income of each family and what everyone feels comfortable with putting in.


Another common tradition found in weddings is the speeches given by members of the wedding party. Commonly, the best man and maid of honor will both have a moment in front of the entire reception. This is usually followed by a heartwarming and humorous speech, where the entire party must raise their glasses and toast to the happy couple. Once, the position of best man was simply to act as a guard for the bride until the moment of the wedding. Now, a best man is typically the closest male friend of the groom.

When there was no longer a need for the best man to keep an eye on the bride, the role changed to that of a supporter and hype-man for the party. The maid of honor was brought into the picture to balance out the party, and both the best man and maid of honor were given the task of giving speeches to the crowd. This is another simple change in a tradition that has stuck around for many centuries.

Let Them Eat Cake

A wedding cake is a big part of any marriage reception. While eating the cake might be the best part of the experience, the cutting of the cake is a tradition that has been around for some time. It might seem cute to see the bride and groom smash cake in each other's faces after cutting the confection, but the origin of this tradition is a bit odd. Once, loaves of bread were used to feed the wedding party.

When preparing the bread, it was common for the husband to take the first bite. Upon his first chomp, the groom would hold the bread over his bride's head and shower her with crumbs. Members of the party would dash to pick crumbs off the ground near the bride because it was said to bring good luck. Another tradition that has changed shape but still remains present today.

Time Goes On

There are plenty of traditions that have come and gone from weddings over the years. Though some are bound to last for centuries, there are others that are mere momentary fads. Researching the origin of these traditions can be a fun way to see how cultures and couples have evolved, side by side, and can even give you a bit of insight as to what traditions you would like to make a part of your own special day.

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