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Exciting Ideas for Rustic Fall Wedding Decor

The autumn can be a fantastic time of year to tie the knot. As the leaves begin to change colors and the heat of the summer starts to dissipate, plenty of couples are preparing to walk down the aisle. If you are thinking ...

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Last-Minute Reminders Before Your Wedding

The week of your wedding might be one of the most stressful and thrilling weeks of your life. Each day leading up to the big event has a habit of adding new levels of excitement. This means your mind might not exactly be ...

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Tips for Collaborative Wedding Planning

A wedding’s central focus is the couple’s public proclamation that they will love, support, and care for each other. However, some couples find that planning together is difficult due to differing cognitive s ...

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How to Enjoy Your Cake's Top Tier Next Year

If cake is on your list for your upcoming wedding, your friends, family and baker may have already asked whether you’re saving the top layer. Maybe you’ve pondered the issue, and you’re not sure yet wha ...

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Oops! 4 Typical Wedding Planning Foul-Ups and How To Fix Them

Whether you’re a laidback person or you’re a classic “Type A” individual who stays on top of tasks, planning a wedding can present a wide range of challenges. Even if you’ve made your lists, ...

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Planning Got You Down? These Wedding Fails Might Cheer You Up

Life has a funny way of taking all of your carefully laid plans and throwing them out the window. While you may have spent months putting together your dream wedding, you have no way of knowing it will go off without a h ...

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Make Way for the Groom! Fascinating Facts About the Baraat

Although the Indian subcontinent is characterized by a wide range of regionally based cultural traditions, some customs are observed by people from many regions and ethnic groups. That includes the baraat, a festive groo ...

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Cost-Cutting Approaches to Picking Your Wedding Date

As you plan your wedding, you could end up worrying about how you’ll pull off your event without going broke. It’s vital to remember that the day and time on which you choose to get married affect the pricing ...

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Your Wedding, Other People’s Opinions: Handling Comments and Criticism

As you’re about to get married, you’re probably inundated in wedding advice from every direction. You hear well-meaning relatives, friends, and maybe even coworkers opining about everything from your venue an ...

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Helpful Ways To Get More Out of Your Wedding Experience

A lot can happen in one day. Though you and your partner may have spent countless hours planning each detail of your wedding, you never know how a little twist of fate can shake things up. There are many ways to keep you ...

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