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Wedding Party Taking a SelfieThe bridesmaids and groomsmen who make up your wedding party are most likely some of your closest friends and relatives. While you may already have a good idea of who you would like to select to fill out these ranks, there are going to come times when dealing with your wedding party is going to feel more stressful than it should. Luckily, there are a number of ways to lower your stress levels and still see some fantastic results from all of your hard work and careful planning.

To help you along your way, consider these simple tips on how to handle issues that might come up with members of your party. Knowing how to resolve these problems in advance can make all the difference for your sanity.


One of the problems brides and grooms face is when a party member disagrees with choices being made. When you have a person in your group who is being vocal about why he or she doesn’t agree with your decisions, it can create a problem where none needs to exist. What’s worse, you might find that the person who is causing so much strife is someone particularly important to you, like a parent or sibling. In order to find some peace of mind, you need to address this problem right away.

If the person in question happens to be a relative, then you need to have a calm conversation explaining how the disagreements are causing you frustration. Try to be as reasonable as possible when having the discussion, but don’t back down from your point. At the end of the day, this is your wedding. You don’t want to compromise or change your plans simply because a vocal member of your family can’t keep his or her opinion hidden away. Keep the peace by opening up dialogue whenever possible.


While your wedding party might cause you stress, you also need to think about how your wedding is stressing out your friends and family members. Too many brides and grooms are putting ridiculous demands on their wedding parties these days. Forcing your party to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your wedding is a very selfish move. Instead, think about how you can get all of your good friends and family members involved without having to resort to shifting costs onto their shoulders. One simple way to do this is with the outfits you use.

Instead of forcing all of the women in the bridal party to wear the same costly dress, allow each person to pick out her own dress. Try to keep the theme cohesive by requesting different styles in the same general color scheme. This can help you minimize how much stress you are creating and it also allows the members of your party to have a bit of control over what they will be wearing while celebrating your big day with you.

Important Introductions

Finally, remember that certain members of your party might not be too familiar with one another. Before any of the events begin, try and have a casual gathering with everyone who will be involved with the wedding. This can give everyone a chance to feel comfortable and relaxed around each other before diving into all of the work that comes along with putting together a wedding.

The people in your wedding party are very important to you and your significant other. When you give yourself time to address specific concerns that might arise, it can do wonders for your stress levels. Keep your cool and plan your wedding with the people you love by taking a few simple extra steps in advance.

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