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Something Old, Something New: The Origins of Common Wedding Traditions

Planning your nuptials means giving careful thought to every detail involved. That includes typical wedding customs that might easily be taken for granted. Whether you’re a traditional type at heart or you want to ...

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Food-Related Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Food plays a big part in most major celebrations in life. This is especially true of weddings. When you think back on all of the different weddings you’ve been to in your life, you might specifically remember the v ...

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Wedding Food Foul-Ups and Cake Mistakes? Fix Them Without Losing Your Cool

Weddings are beautiful events, leaving behind memories that can last a lifetime. Their mix of people, food, alcohol, and so many intricate details also make them opportunities for the unexpected to happen. Smart planning ...

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Sick on Your Wedding Day? Try These Self-Care and Prevention Tips

You’ve followed most experts’ planning tips for your wedding by staying organized, crafting and sticking to a realistic budget, vetting your vendors, and reading the fine print before signing contracts. You s ...

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Selecting the Ideal Date for Your Wedding

After getting engaged, you are most likely going to be caught up in a whirlwind of positive, loving emotions. Once all of this excitement dies down, you and your future spouse are going to be left with the task of actual ...

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How To Handle Wedding-Day Fashion Emergencies

If you’re like most people getting married, you select your wedding day attire with care. Missing accessories, accidental stains, or wardrobe malfunctions can be minor annoyances or turn into major setbacks threate ...

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5 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Planning a wedding is like pulling together any other party, right? Except there’s probably one major difference: the size and scale of your affair. If you’re like many nearlyweds, it may be your first time a ...

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Get Married Before Your Wedding? It’s Not as Weird as You May Think

A wedding usually requires a couple, an officiant, a marriage license, and two witnesses. This celebration can also involve a distinctively crafted ceremony, a reception to offer guests hospitality and gratitude, persona ...

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Asking the Right Questions of Your Officiant

There are a lot of details to consider when putting together your wedding. While a lot of attention is going to be paid to the reception, you also need to think through your ceremony. Since this is the part of your big d ...

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Exciting Ideas for Rustic Fall Wedding Decor

The autumn can be a fantastic time of year to tie the knot. As the leaves begin to change colors and the heat of the summer starts to dissipate, plenty of couples are preparing to walk down the aisle. If you are thinking ...

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