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Bride and Groom Dancing OutdoorsYour wedding reception is the chance to bring together all of your family and friends to celebrate your new union. This means you want to dedicate time to selecting a venue that both fits the needs of your event and has a look you adore. Of course, plenty of couples aren’t exactly sure what to look for in a potential space. To help you discover the perfect fit for your big day, consider these factors. 

A Matter of Space

First, how big is the space? A venue needs to be able to comfortably accommodate all of the guests you have invited. The manager of the venue will provide you with details on how many people can fit in accordance with safety regulations, but there are additional factors to consider. When you also require room for a DJ, dance floor, photo booth, cake table, and other features, you begin to lose a lot of available space for guests to sit. 

Instead of viewing options when they are totally empty, try to visit on days when weddings or other events are booked. This allows you to see exactly how much space you have to work with.

A Private Affair

For some couples, privacy is a big deal. The last thing you may want on your big day is to celebrate in a venue that puts you on display for strangers. Outdoor wedding spaces are notorious for this, as beaches and parks usually have a good amount of foot traffic on a regular basis. When privacy is a priority, be sure to speak with venue managers to learn how you can keep your event free from the eyes of the public. In many cases, the venue can make adjustments to meet your specifications.

Perfect for Pictures

The venue you select is more than just the place where you are hosting your reception. It is also the potential backdrop of every wedding photo taken on your special night. If you hate the look of the space, then you will be constantly reminded of this whenever you look back on pictures. Naturally, this might not matter to all couples. If you can sacrifice aesthetics for an impressive rental price, then go with what works for you.

The Sound

One factor many couples neglect to consider when selecting a space is how it sounds. Acoustics play a large part in the success of an event. When a room swallows all sound, people might have a difficult time hearing what an emcee is saying. Conversely, too much amplification can make casual conversation in the venue impossible. Again, visiting the space while an event is taking place can provide clarity.

Open Spots

While it doesn’t need to be the biggest factor involved with selecting a venue, ample parking is still important to take into consideration. When you have a lot of guests traveling from near and far to attend your event, a tiny lot with a dozen open spaces is not going to work. If the venue itself doesn’t have a decent lot, work with the manager to learn where guests can safely park. You might also consider a shuttle service that takes guests from the venue to their hotels, limiting the need for available parking.

Charge Up

Weddings in the age of cell phones often have unique needs. Guests love to take photos during weddings, and couples love looking through all of the pics and videos on social media in the days that follow the event. Therefore, a venue with plenty of outlets for guests to charge phones can be a great find. A space that also offers free Wi-Fi can encourage your guests to post their photos right away. 

When selecting a venue, there are many angles to consider. As long as you know what you’re looking for, it can make the search much easier.

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