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Engaged Couple Rehearsing for WeddingAfter what has likely been a long countdown, your wedding day is almost here. Most of the details have been finalized, your family is in town, and you are just hours away from marrying the love of your life. Before that happens, though, you need to have a rehearsal dinner. This is a great way of making sure that everything goes according to plan and that everyone understands his or her role in the wedding ceremony. It also gives you the opportunity to see potential issues so you can resolve them before your big day.

Having a successful rehearsal dinner minimizes the chances of something going wrong during the actual ceremony. Even if your wedding day isn't perfect, it will be something you remember for the rest of your life, so try not to sweat the small stuff. Still, it can be reassuring to know that everything is planned out so you don't have to be stressed on the big day. Here are some ways you can ensure your rehearsal dinner goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Figure Out Who's Coming

Some rehearsal dinners include the entire family, while others only include members of the wedding party. Figure out which one is going to work better for you. If you are trying to save money on food costs, then it may be a good idea to simply involve the wedding party. At the same time, many see the rehearsal dinner as a celebration, so if you can, you should include the whole family. Whether the dinner is formal or informal, it can become a wonderful memory.


Once you know who all is invited to the rehearsal dinner, make sure you communicate the details. Everyone should know where the rehearsal is, what time they should be there, and what they should wear. Normally, attire for rehearsal dinners is relatively informal, so a dress code may not be required. You should also include details about what time the dinner is going to start (generally after the rehearsal) so that people can plan accordingly. You might consider having only the wedding party attend the rehearsal and invite the rest of the family to join you for the dinner immediately following.

Make a List

Make a list of the things you want to accomplish during the rehearsal dinner. You may choose to use this time to communicate last-minute reminders or details. You probably want to go through the ceremony at least once, so everyone knows the order and where they should go. Any other issues that need to be addressed should be done so now instead of on the wedding day. A rehearsal for a wedding can get a little hectic, so making a list will ensure nothing is forgotten.

Say Thank You

During the dinner, it's pretty common for the bride and groom to provide their bridesmaids and groomsmen with a thank you and a little gift. The dinner should be a time of toasting, mingling, and enjoying your last night as a single man or woman. Small gifts might include:

  • Something that should be worn during the wedding ceremony
  • A gift card to somewhere you know they enjoy going
  • Something relaxing or pampering

Have Fun

Above all else, have fun. Your rehearsal dinner should be a celebration of what has happened and what's to come. While it's important to take care of important details during the rehearsal, the dinner should be something you and everyone else enjoys. If you have family visiting from out of town, it may not be often that you get to see them, so make sure you enjoy your time as much as possible.

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