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Photographer Shooting a ProposalWedding planning involves a lot of people and details. You want skilled photographers and video professionals who can capture your event and help preserve its treasured memories. But what about your proposal? Popping the question is a significant milestone too, and some couples are hiring photographers for this big moment. What should you know about hiring a proposal photographer? And is it ideal for everyone? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of proposal photography.

Why You May Want a Proposal Photographer

Why would you want a photographer present when you make your proposal? In an October 2021 Wedding Wire piece, expert Laura Rodrigue explains the upsides. These photos will preserve that key moment: the emotions and reactions, what you both wore, and the beautiful setting. You’ll see those memories in fine detail, again and again, all in living color — and maybe sepia or black and white, depending on the prints you buy. And if you want a closeup of the ring as a keepsake or to share on social media, you’ll have that photo ready to go.

Besides capturing such an epic moment, your proposal photos have others side benefits. Martha Stewart Weddings’ Nicole Harris points out that you can use them for many purposes: your engagement announcements, save-the-date cards, invitations, wedding website, and of course, your own photo albums. You could also incorporate them into wedding-day visuals, including photo displays at your reception.

Both Harris and Rodrigue mention that proposal photos give your friends and family an inside view of your magic moment. That’s especially true if you and your boo are more of the sharing type. The pics will let others see it firsthand without being there themselves. Rodrigue also mentions that getting your pictures snapped at that moment helps you prep for later. After all, you’ll be photographed a lot on the big day itself. And you can hire the same professional to handle your wedding photos as well.

Things That Can Ruin Your Proposal

Assuming all goes well and the proposal goes off without a hitch, you’ll have some wonderful photos as keepsakes. But life isn’t perfect. Aly Walansky, a contributing writer at The Plunge, discusses a few things that can throw off photo quality or even ruin the proposal itself:

  • Bad weather
  • Photobombers
  • Family emergencies
  • Vengeful exes

Most of these are out of your control. Yet if you’re not judicious, you could lose the ring or store it in a conspicuous place. That’s why hiding the ring carefully is key. Your fiancé may also figure out that something’s up, either by instinct or by discovering emails and texts about your intended surprise. If your special someone is hard to surprise, some tips from Wedding Wire’s Samantha Iacia may help.

Of course, your fiancé could end up canceling plans — or even saying no. You can’t control either one. But you can know how to read your partner and know if the time’s right to propose. That’s a topic for another day, but you may want to look at some tips from expert Sarah Title.

When To Keep Your Proposal Off-Camera

Besides the pros and cons of proposal photos, Walansky mentions some situations in which they may not be ideal: crowded locations, bad lighting, or a desire to keep things private. Maybe neither you nor your fiancé wants someone popping out to snap pics in such an intimate setting. There’s also the cost factor. Depending on where you live, proposal photos can add a minimum of $350 to your wedding budget.

Having a photographer at your proposal can offer some great benefits: memorable photos and the ability to let others share the moment. But it’s not for everyone. You must consider your costs, circumstances, and comfort levels before you decide. Ultimately, anything you spend money on should support your wedding-day vision.

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