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Couple on a Bed With a Tea SetIn recent years, the option of taking photos to commemorate the milestone of getting engaged has become incredibly popular. Couples often use these pictures as a way of announcing the news to family and friends, as well as having documented evidence of themselves at the height of their joy and excitement before marriage. While many people prefer to have these shoots conducted outdoors and surrounded by nature, there is no rule forcing you to follow this path. In fact, you may find staying home is a much more enjoyable choice. Learn more by reviewing these enticing benefits.  

You Don’t Need To Go Anywhere

Perhaps the most obvious and exciting aspect of staying home is that you don’t have to leave your residence. Since you want to look your best for these pictures, you’re going to dedicate more time than normal to your beauty process. When you have a hard deadline to meet a photographer at an old barn two hours away from your house, it can make getting ready a stressful experience. In turn, you’re more likely to butt heads with your partner over something pointless while trying to rush to the location. Stay home, stay calm, and prepare at your own pace.

It Creates a More Intimate Finished Product

Another fun perk of making your house the location of your shoot is that the result tends to be more intimate. Engagement photos largely rely on outdoor locations and natural lighting. This combination is whimsical, though it is more than a little generic. Beyond this, posing in nature is often more awkward than many people realize. Unless you’re a professional model, you’re going to struggle with what to do with your hands. When you’re in your space, you’re more relaxed and comfortable.  

Though the photographer can provide guidance on how to best pose no matter what location you select, feeling comfortable in the setting means you’re more likely to offer your own input. Since these are your photos, you should exercise at least some control about how you position yourselves. 

You Have Total Control Over the Space

When you conduct your shoot in a park or at a venue, it takes a lot of effort and preliminary planning to customize the space. At home, however, you have a lot more control. Instead of using natural lighting, use studio lights to create a more glamorous look. Conversely, create softer images by using candles. Digital cameras have come a long way over the years, allowing professionals to capture clear and crisp pictures no matter the light conditions.  Of course, light is only one way you can personalize your home for the shoot.

Using only what you already own, rearrange furniture and decor in new combinations. Creating a “set” in your living room can invigorate the space and give your possessions a fresh look. Try and have fun with the process, as this experience is supposed to be cause for celebration. Anything that makes you feel stressed should be shelved and swapped out for an easier alternative.  

You Can Gain Access to the Raw Photos Faster

Though most photographers offer editing services, not all couples feel inclined to take advantage of this. If you plan on handling the editing and formatting on your own, then you only need the raw files. When you’re conducting the shoot in your home, it is a lot easier for your photographer to bring along required tools like a laptop and USB drive. When the photos have been captured, he or she can transfer them right to you and let you get started on tweaking the pics to your liking. 

The engagement period of a relationship is one that can often make couples feel giddy and excited about the future. By using your home as a setting for your official engagement photos, you can encourage good vibes and receive a finished product that exceeds all your expectations.

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