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Wedding Candy BarSatisfying guests with sweet treats has always been a top priority at weddings. Whether you want an alternative to a traditional cake or to augment your sweets table, a wedding candy bar may be the perfect solution. With some planning and smart selections, you can construct a crowd-pleasing candy buffet for your reception.

The Lowdown on Candy Buffets

Candy buffets saw an increase in popularity around the early 2010s. That’s not a surprise since other wedding traditions have either been transformed or abandoned during the last decade as well. Some couples chose to offer candy bars instead of wedding cakes, while others’ candy buffets sat alongside cakes and other delectable desserts. They’re a great way to welcome your guests and give them snacking options, but The Spruce’s Jessica Bishop points out that candy buffets can also double as wedding favors. Depending on how you design and stage your buffet, this may help you get more for your money.

Planning Is Essential

Constructing your candy table can allow you to unleash your creativity. However, it’s not as simple as running to your local store and grabbing all the sweets and jars you can find. The Budget Savvy Bride illustrates how expensive this process can get. For instance, a bar setup costing around $5 per person works out to $500 for 100 people. That’s why a successful buffet requires some planning, along with an approach that’s both cost-conscious and mindful of your guests’ preferences.

How Much Candy Do You Need?

Trying to guess how much candy your attendees will eat may feel like you’re shooting arrows in the dark. Individual amounts can vary according to each one’s preferences and appetite. Fortunately, you can figure this out with some useful suggestions. The Knot recommends four ounces of candy per guest, while The Spruce advises between one-third and one-half pound for each person.

The Budget Savvy Bride offers more ballpark figures: around five jars of candy for every 50 attendees. These numbers can serve as good estimates, but they can fluctuate depending on the sizes and capacities of your jars. Assuming that you budget one-third of a pound for every person, you’d need almost 270 ounces for 50 guests. That’s around 4 ¼ containers of candy if you use 64-ounce jars, but it’s not uncommon to use jars of different sizes and shapes at the same table.

Designing Your Candy Table

While you’re constructing your wedding candy bar, it’s easy to cheaply source the containers you need. Inexpensive glass jars can be found just about anywhere, but don’t limit your imagination. Besides traditional candy and cookie jars, you should consider fun possibilities such as fish bowls, mason jars, large goblets, oversized drinking glasses, and apothecary jars. Don’t forget about scoops and tongs, which you can also easily find at low prices.  

Packaging your guests’ treats can be a bit tricky, but many vendors offer small bags, boxes, and other containers in bulk. Custom labels are a great way to personalize these little packages. For best results, select packages that hold the same amount of candy that you’ve allotted per guest.

Once you’ve gotten your supplies, your job still isn’t over yet. You need to purchase the candy and any preferred decorative touches. If you’re going for a color-coordinated look, select two or three dominant hues for your sweets, containers, and decorations. The Spruce suggests placing premium treats in smaller containers and less expensive candies in larger jars. Consider ordering your edibles in bulk, especially immediately after major holidays.

Hospitality With a Sweet Touch

A candy buffet can bring smiles to your wedding guests’ faces while offering them a variety of palate-pleasing treats. Balancing visual appeal, ease of access, and cost savings are vital keys for designing a buffet that everyone will enjoy.

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