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Incorporating nature into your decorations is a great way to practice sustainability.

Fall weddings on are on trend. September and October are very popular months for weddings. If you’re looking for ideas on hosting an eco-friendly wedding, these fall wedding trends can help you reduce your carbon footprint without forgoing the party of your dreams.

Choose Sustainable Invitations 

Don’t just think about printing your invitations on recycled paper. One of the best ways to send eco-friendly invites is to go digital. Evites are cost-effective, often free, and easy to send. If you want something more tangible, just send a postcard or use seed paper. In the spring, your guests can plant the invitation in their garden for a summer reminder of your wedding. Some couples are even printing an invite on wood disks that can double as a Christmas ornament or a coaster after the wedding.

Choose Vendors That Practice Sustainability 

Even if your wedding venue is the great outdoors, you should look for spaces and wedding contractors that are eco-friendly and will support your values. Your caterer will use a lot of resources preparing and serving the food. Making sure these resources are environmentally friendly can easily offset the other choices you make. Your wedding planner should be on board as well to incorporate fall wedding trends that fit your vision.

Choose Sustainable Floral Decorations and Arrangements  

Use locally grown flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres, instead of imported flowers that had to be flown in from another country. If you’re using flowers to decorate tables, consider the beautiful potted plants that are plentiful in the fall. Mums and marigolds are popular plants that come in vibrant colors and can be reused in your own garden after the wedding. You could even use herbs or succulents as part of your décor. If you share with your guests, make sure they know how to take care of the plant until it can be replanted outside.

Choose Edible Favors 

One of the best fall wedding trends is to give fresh food as a favor. Fresh apples or pears from a local farmer make a great midnight treat for your guests. You’ll be supporting your local economy when you look around for a tasty gift that will be more appreciated than a knickknack that will sit on someone’s mantle collecting dust. A small jar of jam or salsa made by a local purveyor might be another choice.

Use Nature as Your Decorations 

Mother Nature paints beautiful scenery in the fall. Take advantage of built-in decorations to take pictures and use as your backdrop for your wedding. If you do buy decorations, choose items that you can reuse in your home after the wedding or that you can donate or recycle. Rent items or use what the venue already offers. Make your wedding more about the experience with your friends and family.

Plant-Based Exit Toss Options 

Rice may be traditionally thrown at weddings, but there are concerns about its impact on the local wildlife. Confetti is messy and not good for the environment. A better option is to find dried herbs and flowers that make a pretty exit toss without compromising sustainability. Lavender and rose petals can be harvested and dried over the summer before your fall wedding, giving your exit toss a great aroma. Another option is to make leaf confetti by punching leaves with a hole puncher. Give each guest a small paper bag to toss when you leave the reception.

Choose the Fall Wedding Trends That Fit Your Plans 

Planning a fall wedding gives you many options. Take the ideas that fit into your vision, and don’t worry about the traditions that don’t hold any meaning for you. A sustainable wedding isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainability is also about saving your resources, money, time and energy.

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