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Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas

As wonderful as weddings can be, the costs add up quickly. When you are on a budget, this can make things interesting. While you may want to have the wedding of your dreams, you also have the honeymoon to think about. No ...

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Signs of a Healthy Marriage

Those who are in a healthy marriage can reap many benefits. People who are happily married often are healthier, live longer, and enjoy life more. You may be asking yourself whether or not your marriage qualifies as healt ...

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How to Survive Your Wedding Day

After months of planning and dreaming, your wedding day is here. Because you want everything to go perfectly, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You may be feeling nervous about the highly anticipated wedding ...

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Important Aspects of a Successful Marriage

Marriage is a lot of work. While there are many rewards to being married to the love of your life, you have to work at it. Merging two lives into one is a challenge, and there are often adjustments that need to be made. ...

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Three Common Newlywed Struggles and How to Get Past Them

Even when you are married to the love of your life, marriage can be difficult. Even the couple who is the most compatible for each other is going to run into issues at some point. What's important is the way you handle t ...

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Interfaith Couples Face Special Challenges

A certain amount of stress is inherent to the planning of any big wedding, but interfaith unions pose unique challenges for couples seeking to marry their beliefs, or simply to get married with both of their families i ...

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What Newlyweds Do With the Cash

Even as the traditional registry continues to thrive, cash and cash cards are increasingly popular options for the modern wedding gift. Couples are less shy about requesting money, and some guests welcome the opportunity ...

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How to Take a Look at Your Child’s Future Spouse

The saying goes, "You don't get a second chance at a first impression," but when it comes to your children's chosen partners, you might cut them a little slack. Maybe he wields a toothpick a little too energetically at ...

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How to Have Your Best Argument Ever

Some of the least helpful, most misguided advice newly married couples receive is, "Don't go to bed angry." There may be good reason why this old sawhorse is pulled out again and again. It aligns with the magical think ...

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Marriage Myths to Forget

There is a broad scale for how people envision life after the wedding. Some prospective couples may see marriage as their happily-ever-after, without really considering what happens next. Others look forward to totally l ...

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