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A Guide for Planning an Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular. With intention and planning, a more intimate ceremony ceremony can surpass even the most extravagent of weddings, with meaningful moments that honor the unique union.

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Tips for Planning a Wedding With Limited Funds

Your wedding day will be among the most meaningful days of your life, but can also quickly become one of the most expensive events. We share priceless tips on how to save when it comes to the big day.

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Tips on Putting Together a Minimalist Wedding

Minimalist weddings have been making a comeback in recent years, and for great reason. A simple color pallette, and decor can create opportunities to incorporate unique touches that truly reflect a couple's style.

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Eminem's Daughter Alaina Scott Marries Longtime Partner Matt Moeller

Rap artist, Eminem, has had the pleasure of walking his daughter Alaina down the aisle. Though not his biological daughter, Eminem has stepped into the father role and finally had the honor of seeing her married!

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Practicing Self Care While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be very taxing, so it's important to practice self-care to ensure that you're clearheaded and able to address all the tiny details. Keep these insights in mind while in this stressful season of life.

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Effective Ways To Show Gratitude to Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors will handle some of the most important details on your wedding day, from the food and drink served to the memories captured in photo or video. Here are some tried and true ways to express your gratitude.

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A Look at Why Weddings Are so Expensive

Weddings have become more costly than ever before. With social media pressure, and expanding guest lists, the cost can add up quickly. Creating a memorable day often doesn't require as much as we think.

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How To Pick Your Primary Attendant

Your wedding day is of great significance and choosing the right attendant is crucial to ensuring the day is memorable and stress free. Here are a few things to consider before choosing who will fill this important role.

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Perks of a Winter Wedding

Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the colder months. This is a depression that occurs during winter. It may be because of the lack of sun or the shorter days

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Bride Elopes and Expects Money for Honeymoon

When the couple got engaged after five years of dating, the father and mother were excited and ready to help pay for the wedding. They were prepared to start planning immediately

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