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Suit Up! Wedding Attire Advice for New Grooms

While guests never fail to fawn over the bride's dress, the groom's outfit is just as important. By following these style tips you'll ensure that your suit looks great, fits right, and complements your spouse's ensemble.

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How Your Wedding Planner Can Save the Day

Many couples balk at the idea of hiring a wedding planner, but a good wedding planner may actually be to save you money. Consider all of the options within to see if hiring a wedding planner will work for your wedding.

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Facing Your Wedding Fears With Confidence

Marriage is a big step to take in life. When you are ready to commit to your significant other with a meaningful display of affection, a wedding is the way to go. While these events are usually filled with joy and love, ...

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How To Practice Self-Care and Plan a Wedding

Preparing for your wedding can easily take a lot out of you. Whether you are planning for a huge event with hundreds of people or a smaller, more intimate affair, you are going to experience varying levels of stress thro ...

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Unique Ways To Use Photography During Your Wedding

Taking a photo is easier than ever before thanks to the advent of digital photography. Once upon a time, wedding photos were limited to the professional ones shot (on film, no less) by photographers with heavy, expensive ...

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4 Tips for Planning a Fabulous Brunch Wedding

When you picture a wedding reception, you likely envision a multi-course dinner, an open bar, and an artistically crafted cake. However, the brunch wedding trend has been gaining steam for the last couple of years thanks ...

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Important Tips for Your Save-the-Date Cards

You may share details about your impending nuptials on social media or chat about the big day with your closest associates. However, your save-the-date cards will probably be the first communication your guests will rece ...

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Dressing the Groomsmen in Your Wedding

Many couples decide to have a wedding party, pulling in their closest friends and family members to stand with them at the end of the aisle. It can be daunting enough for the bride and groom to find the perfect outfits, ...

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Finalizing Your Venue Choice

Where you decide to host your wedding reception is going to have a big impact on the way your event plays out. You probably already know this and have lost many hours of sleep trying to narrow down your options. When you ...

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In Living Color: Designing Your Wedding’s Palette

Bringing your wedding to life takes a combination of planning, creativity, collaboration and funds allocation. While not every couple chooses a theme, most pick their attire and décor using a palette of two or thr ...

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