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Bride and Groom Giving a SpeechPutting your own spin on your wedding is easier said than done. A study in 2016 suggested an average of two million people get married each year, meaning that there are literally thousands of events that are going to look and feel exactly like your own. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your nuptials to fit your unique sensibilities. Take a look at these fun and clever ideas to make your mark on your big day. 

Include the Guests in the Decor

When a guest goes to a wedding, he or she expects to see a ton of photos of the happy couple as decoration. However, most people don’t anticipate seeing their own faces in the mix. The friends and family members who will be in attendance at your wedding are some of your closest confidants. In fact, plenty of these individuals probably contributed to the success of your relationship in some capacity. By hanging your favorite pictures of these people around the reception space, you’re bound to make everyone feel appreciated and included. 

There are some simple ways to accomplish this goal. To go the physical route, you can print out a ton of pictures and hang them on boards or string them together as streamers. Those looking for a digital edge should consider a slideshow. Have a computer set to project the show throughout the course of the reception and guests can watch it at their leisure. 

Ask Someone To Officiate

If you have no personal connection to the person officiating your wedding, then you run the risk of the ceremony feeling impersonal or dull. An easy way to beat this and put a unique spin on the day’s events is by asking someone you care about to act as the officiant. A paper published in 2019 reported that a vast majority of couples in the United States asked a friend or relative to serve this role. Plus, it is easy for anyone to get ordained these days through a process that is as fast as it is efficient.

Leave Love Notes

More often than not, the wedding reception comes to a close before the couple even has a chance to appreciate the event. This means that you’re likely to miss out on greeting several of your guests. If you want to make sure each person at your wedding feels your love, consider pre-writing love notes and placing them at each guest’s seat at some point during the event. You might not be able to say hello to everyone, but you can definitely leave them with a sentiment that cuts right to the heart.

Cut What You Don’t Need

Plenty of weddings include traditions and rituals that carry no specific meaning to the couple. However, going through the motions without any real feeling is an easy way to turn a monumental moment in your life into a boring obligation. Since this is your event, feel free to customize the festivities as you see fit. When a particular tradition doesn’t feel necessary, remove it from the itinerary. You may even want to swap one ritual out for another, depending on what matters most to you.

Say a Few Words

Often, the speeches and toasts given during a wedding are from the mouths of friends, family, and the officiant. However, there is nothing prohibiting the couple from standing up and saying a few words. If you want to personalize your big day, the decision to give a small speech can be a great fit. You can make the moment quick and offer some thanks or take the time to be sentimental and really lay the emotions on thick. Whatever you do, try to write a draft in advance. Winging it can cause you to freeze and draw a blank.

Personalizing your wedding can easily be accomplished with some creativity. Simply take a look at what you’re working with and see how some small adjustments can help you bring out your style.

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