Couple Holding a We Eloped SignPerhaps one of the strangest if not most cruel ironies is when your wedding day, a joyous celebration, is also a major source of stress. There are so many details to take care of, especially with respect to accommodating invited guests. Adhering to certain traditions or cultural customs can also add to your anxiety. Given that the legal part of a ceremony is what makes the union legitimate, you might be contemplating an elopement. Here is some food for thought.

Reasons To Elope

  1. Eliminating stress: Whether you sneak off to a courthouse or hop a plane to a destination like Las Vegas, Nevada, elopements typically don’t require much in the way of details. A courthouse union is no-muss, no-fuss, and as far as the law is concerned, you don’t need the usual frills to make things official. An impromptu destination wedding, on the other hand, might require some effort, but many places make it easy for you and yours to say “I do.”
  2. Avoiding drama: Sometimes friends and family aren’t accepting of a future spouse. Perhaps the trouble isn’t with your partner or in-laws. Old conflicts and unresolved issues can rear their ugly heads at a rehearsal dinner or reception. The peace of mind that comes with avoiding or eliminating potential conflict may be well worth it.
  3. Saving money: When you factor in the costs for attire, catering, a big cake, the reception venue and more, eloping ends up being less expensive. A trip that combines the ceremony and the honeymoon may also be much easier on the wallet or pocketbook.
  4. Embarking on an adventure: The thrill of eloping may fill you with a sense of adventure that’s symbolic of the journey ahead. Elopements are quite different from traditional ceremonies that feature typical customs. An outdoor ceremony in the backcountry on skis makes for a great story that you’ll love retelling for years to come.

Reasons Not To Elope

  1. Creating drama: It’s generally understood that wedding celebrations are just as much about the guests as they are about the happy couple. Again, you don’t need to “put a ring on it” in front of a crowd, but this major milestone in your life is a joyous occasion for which your loved ones will want to be present. An escape may lead your family and friends to resent your spouse, thinking that you were influenced to leave them out.
  2. Saying no to presents: If you’re eloping, you probably won’t receive much in the way of wedding gifts. First of all, none of your favorite people are around. Additionally, when you and your partner return home, your loved ones might not be feeling incredibly benevolent or generous.
  3. Sowing regret: An elopement may seem like the best idea in the moment, but you may come to regret not having your dear ones near. Weddings, rehearsal dinners and receptions are opportunities for you to connect and reconnect with others. The blessings and well-wishes of invited guests help make your nuptials an occasion to recollect fondly. You get one chance to marry the love of your life. Make sure that it counts.
  4. Creating problems: Media and literature may give you the impression that elopements are easily done. Some jurisdictions require a waiting period between securing a marriage license and solemnizing your union. The excitement of “going AWOL” may fizzle out during that waiting period.

The reality is that your wedding day is entirely up to you and your partner. The pressure of wedding planning, especially if there is drama or conflict among guests, may make an elopement seem appealing. As with any major life decision, you should count all the costs. There are good reasons to steal away for tying the knot, and there are also good reasons to keep things traditional. 

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