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Wedding StressAccording to many studies, major life events tend to be some of the leading causes of stress. While moving to a new home, going through a divorce, and expecting a child all rank high on this list, marriage has fast become a big contributor. Though you’re likely looking forward to getting married, you may also be feeling a lot of pressure to execute your vision in a very specific way. From handling family expectations to avoiding making comparisons to the Insta-worthy weddings you’ve seen online, you absolutely need to find time to calm yourself.

If you spend more time stressing than feeling excited about this next step of your life, then the entire experience is going to have a negative vibe when you look back. To avoid this and put yourself in better spirits, consider these suggestions on how to find some serenity.  

Create Order

There are many reasons you may be experiencing high levels of stress while planning your wedding. Since this is a large event with a lot of moving pieces, you may have a fear that you will neglect something important. One way of handling this concern is creating a sensible system of organization for all your wedding-related tasks. Whether this means you use an app to compile all your to-do lists and organize a timeline or you follow the traditional route of using pen and paper, having an ordered system is key for a calm disposition. 

Failing to keep things organized will only add to and compound your stress as the wedding looms closer. As more contracts and legal documents start to pile up, the odds you will make a mistake that creates serious setbacks for your day increase significantly. 

Have Other Interests

As involved as planning your nuptials might be, you absolutely want to avoid making the event the centerpiece of your life. When you eat, breathe, and sleep wedding information, it makes it difficult to find a moment to breathe. Regular breaks are key to completing any task you face in life. When you walk away from a problem, it helps your mind rest and reset. This allows for the chance to come back to the table with new solutions and a better disposition. Take breaks and engage with other activities you enjoy to keep your mood stable.

Ask for Help

Hiring a wedding planner is an expense that not all couples can afford. If you’re taking on the responsibilities of putting together your big day without the assistance of a professional, this doesn’t mean you can’t find help with everything looming before you. The members of your wedding party are people you should be able to turn to. Delegating simple jobs, like mailing invitations or picking up décor, to trusted friends and family members is a way of minimizing your stress levels while maximizing your available time for other tasks.

Take Care of Your Needs

The idea of a self-care routine is one that has really taken off in popularity in recent years. While many blog posts and articles might center around long baths and spa-style facial treatments, self-care tactics can take a variety of forms. Be mindful of your needs while planning a wedding. When you notice your stress levels are spiking, dedicate time to a task that will help you feel better and cared for in the right ways. Whether this means eating comfort food, using a new skincare product, or laying around and watching television, commit to what helps you feel grounded. 

Stress might be part of the wedding experience, but it doesn’t have to be the driving force of your planning period. Find ways to keep your mood light and it will do wonders for creating an experience that is enjoyable and productive.

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