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Groom, Bride, and Three DogsIt is hard to deny the important role pets play. Though keeping a cat or dog as a part of the family is far from new, statistics point out a growing shift in how these furry friends are treated. From throwing elaborate birthday parties to ordering special menu items from restaurants, people tend to go the extra mile when caring for their pets. Naturally, it makes sense that couples would want to incorporate their four-legged friends into their wedding festivities. While a great idea in theory, there are plenty of details to consider before finalizing this plan.

The Obvious Concerns 

Before looking at how to incorporate your pet into your wedding, you should first think over the biggest concerns. Trying to keep the human guests at your ceremony under control can be a big enough task for some couples. Adding cats and dogs into the mix on your big day might be like adding gasoline to a blazing inferno. Think over the logistics of having your pet present. Who will be looking after the animal throughout the night? When will the pet be fed, walked, and brought home?

Even a well-behaved pet might be difficult to work with at a wedding. The number of guests and noisy atmosphere might overstimulate a dog or cat and make it behave in unusual or aggressive ways. Try to consider this when coming up with a plan that is practical and keeps your pet’s best interests in mind.

The Guest Idea

You don’t need to give your pet a task to have it present at your event. Plenty of people “invite” their pets to be guests the same way they do family members and friends. Of course, someone will need to provide your furry friend with transportation and attention. The most popular way of handling this is by hiring a pet sitter you trust to be the point person. This way, you can relax and enjoy your event without worrying about whether your pup has been walked and fed yet. 

What’s more, a pet sitter can take your lovable ball of fur home when the night has proved too much. Though the service is another expense to add to your budget, it can make the task of bringing your pet to your wedding more manageable on all fronts. 

The “There in Spirit” Approach

Not all pets will have the right disposition for a big event. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to ditch the idea of including yours on your big day. Include some photos of your beloved pet around the venue to ensure that it is there in spirit. You can even order a piece of custom art depicting your pet in a regal way and prominently display it at your table during the reception. Get creative and you’ll see there are countless options for including your pet without physically having your pet there. 

The Easy Tasks

If you really want your pet to have an assigned task during the event, it is best if you make sure that it is a minor responsibility. Animals can be unpredictable, and you don’t want to hinge your entire event on your dog successfully walking down the aisle and presenting you with your rings. All it takes is one burst of canine energy, and the rings are gone for good. Instead, consider ideas that are cute and easy. A dog or cat as a “greeter” at the door of the reception is a simple way to welcome guests.

There are many ways to include your pets on your wedding day. As long as you exercise caution when arranging the plans, you’ll find a perfect fit to make your furry friend feel like a part of the festivities.

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