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What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say?

Since the dawn of time, humans have analyzed various aspects of the natural world and coded them into powerful symbols. It’s unsurprising that cultures all over the world have concocted complex collections of conno ...

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What You Need to Know About Wedding Calligraphy

Selecting your wedding invitations can turn into a major undertaking. You’ll make decisions about the typeface, color, type of paper, and other embellishments used to craft your final product. However, there may be ...

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Start Stashing Wedding Cash Now With These Tips

Getting married is an expensive process. Even if you plan on having a very small and intimate gathering, you are still looking at a situation where you need to put forth a decent chunk of change. While there are many fac ...

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Beyond the Veil: Selecting the Right Bridal Veil

Veils are a piece of headgear that have seen a number of uses across the world. Historians place the invention of the veil sometime in early human history, with examples being found in the ancient texts and artwork of Me ...

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Making Minimalism Work With Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding can often be a very complicated endeavor. If you’re currently concocting a plan for your own marriage, you might be happy to hear about a recent shift in trends. Lately, more and more couples ...

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Avoid Stress When Dressing Your Best

Whether you’re a bride to be, part of the groomsman crew, or simply an invited guest, you'll want to find something to wear that will reflect your personal style. It’s natural to feel excited or maybe a littl ...

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Your Wedding, Your Way: Curbing Anxiety on Your Special Day

You want to marry the person you love, but what if the thought of putting on potentially uncomfortable clothes and socializing for several hours isn’t your idea of fun? If you’re terrified to the point of whe ...

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Using the New Year to Plan Your Wedding

As a new year dawns, many people like to look back on their lives and reflect upon everything that has transpired over the past year. For some, this means taking stock of everything that wasn’t completed in the pre ...

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Professional or DIY? Choosing the Best Videography Option for Your Wedding

Planning your nuptials requires a careful balancing act of several factors: time, resources and desired aesthetics. A tight budget can make that prospect challenging, especially when it comes to hiring photography and vi ...

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Finalizing Your Venue Choice

Where you decide to host your wedding reception is going to have a big impact on the way your event plays out. You probably already know this and have lost many hours of sleep trying to narrow down your options. When you ...

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