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Dessert Table at WeddingMany couples regard their wedding cakes as culinary centerpieces. While cake has been a part of these celebrations for centuries, innovative baking and decorating techniques are responsible for our modern confections. Yet you may want more opportunities to give your guests additional choices and inject more personality into your event. Say hello to the wedding dessert table, a fabulous upgrade from the traditional dessert cart. With some creativity and personalization, you can supplement or even completely replace a wedding cake.

Basics and Benefits of a Dessert Table

Depending on whose advice you read, you’ll either find the terms “dessert bars” or “dessert tables.” They both refer to the same thing: a collection of delectable sweets chosen by the hosts. As The Spruce’s Carly Sotten points out, some even replace the traditional wedding cake with a well-stocked dessert bar. In most cases, the two offerings often accompany each other with the cake surrounded by a whole host of alternative sweet selections.

With that said, a wedding dessert table provides some key benefits over traditional dessert carts. When it’s located in an accessible spot, your guests can take their time and pick out their favorite goodies. They can also choose what they want at their leisure, eliminating the need to wait for a cart to come to them. A dessert bar cuts back on staff labor and floor traffic from pushing a cart around your carefully arranged tables. You can also take advantage of the décor possibilities, integrating the table into your theme with a beautifully arranged display.

Designing the Perfect Dessert Bar

Endless style and content possibilities exist when it comes to setting up your dessert bar or table. One unique approach recommended by the Food52 blog is selecting desserts before planning your main menu. While Food52’s writers suggested this for dinner parties, it does let you plan a grandiose smorgasbord of sweets with a simpler dinner or choose understated elegant desserts with an elaborate meal.

You can also examine flavor pairings that either complement or contrast each other, producing delightful results. Finally, you should consider cuisine styles when picking your desserts and dinners. Ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, and fruits find flavorful expression in many cultures. The key takeaway is making sure that you pick dessert selections that coordinate well with your reception’s food offerings.

Don’t Overlook Dietary Issues

While you’re mulling over the food, don’t forget to take your guests’ dietary needs into account. Brides writer Carolyn Hsu lists vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and nut allergies as the most common types of restrictions. Others could require heart-healthy eating regimens with low salt and fat intake while diabetics may steer clear of refined carbs and sugars.

Navigating a dessert display can be challenging for these individuals, so consider their needs when planning your assortment. Offering a variety of sweets and accommodating these restrictions is a good start. Also, ask your vendors to label food appropriately and provide smaller portions upon request.

Inspired Ideas for Your Event

Your wedding’s theme will also play a big part in your dessert display. Naked cakes and fresh-baked fruit pies can pair well with rustic themes and décor. Gourmet French or Italian edibles may be best accompanied by elegant formal displays. Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot show many other real-life examples to provide inspiration. Work with your florist for fresh greenery and arrangements, but don’t forget about flea markets, thrift shops, fabric and craft stores, and small DIY details to craft a stunning look.

Score High Marks With Your Dessert Display

As ceremonies become increasingly more personalized, couples now often offer wedding dessert tables alongside or in lieu of cakes. Designing a display takes some thought and attention to detail, but your guests will love the sweet results of your labors.

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