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The Sticky Business of a Cash Wedding Gift

The Internet is chock-full of articles and comments about giving cash as a wedding gift. While monetary gifts are nothing new, the controversy seems to hover around the manner in which cash is presented as an option. O ...

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The Modern Gift Registry

Of all the preparations that go into planning a wedding, one would think the gift registry would be a no-brainer. After all, what's complicated about presents? Turns out, the registry is in flux. All but gone are the d ...

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Second Shooters: An Inside Look at Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography One of the most important vendor choices a couple makes in planning their wedding is hiring a photographer. Wedding photography is a hotly competitive field. Professionals sell their services throu ...

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Recycle Your Wedding

Recycle Your Wedding Recent reports have priced the cost of a typical large wedding in the United States to be between $26,000 and $31,000. No, really, it is not a joke. Those numbers may be sobering and beyond any bu ...

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Wedding News Highlights: Princess Proposals, World Records and Going to the Dogs

Each wedding season offers up a number of newsworthy proposal and marriage-related items. It seems people show no lack of imagination when it comes to nuptials even pretend ones. The following are a few events chosen fro ...

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Brides Across America Helps Warrior Women Wed

Free Wedding Dresses for Deserving Servicewomen There are currently more than 200,000 women serving on active duty in the United States military. This accounts for nearly 15 percent of the troops. The branch that boasts ...

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Wedding Officiant Cost

The Perks of Being a Marriage Officiant Being a marriage officiant offers a lot of advantages for anyone interested in a career that's a little bit non-traditional. Though the job of officiating a wedding is most often ...

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How to Change Your Name

Introduction to the ULC Name Change Guide Congratulations to you and your spouse! Let us help make your first couple of months of marriage a little bit easier.* There are many new tasks newlyweds must accomplish duri ...

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