Wedding News HighlightsEach wedding season offers up a number of newsworthy proposal and marriage-related items. It seems people show no lack of imagination when it comes to nuptials even pretend ones. The following are a few events chosen from the archives.

Someday My Prince Will Come, and He'll Be Wearing a Tank Top

Over half a million Reddit viewers witnessed 24-year-old native Texan Blaine Gibson propose marriage to Cinderella followed by heartfelt requests for the hands of:

  • Ariel
  • Rapunzel
  • Tinkerbell
  • Jasmine

In a surprise twist, Beauty and the Beast's Gaston got an offer as well. In the end, Tink got the Walmart ring, but Ariel stole the young prince's heart. Said squire Gibson, "Man, Ariel was hot. She was really cool." Spoken like a man who just cannot make up his mind.

This Wedding Idea Takes the Cake, or the Canine

A Boston bride-to-be decided to veer away from the traditional bridesmaid floral bouquet. "I want them to hold corgis," she wrote in a Craigslist ad aimed at rounding up six of the squat, adorable pooches for each of her attendants. Amazingly, the bride received over one hundred responses from owners who were willing to rent out their best friends for the two-hour-plus ceremony. As precious as they look, however, corgis are not ideally suited to stand in for a posy adult corgis weigh between 25 and 38 pounds. Ultimately, they walked beside the bridesmaids and heeled.

Budding Romance

Just when you think there can be nothing new under the sun in event planning, up pops another wacky trend, or in the case of the latest development, a wacky weed trend. The legalization of recreational marijuana in the states of Colorado and Washington has spawned an uptick in weedings weddings that offer guests a variety of pot-laced delicacies to go with the Jordan almonds. Floral arrangements, favors and desserts can all be infused with a bit of THC. A new addition to the traditional wedding vendors is the "budtender." This is an individual employed by a dispensary to help couples select an appropriate strain of marijuana for their reception. Some proponents believe that marijuana is a better choice of intoxicant at a function than alcohol, as it may encourage more mellow interactions among family. That is, as long as the cake holds out.

Sibling Revelry

Grace, Meagan, Jessica and Marcus Fortney are so close as brother and sisters that they decided to share the same wedding day. After Marcus returned from a Mormon mission in Mexico and started making arrangements with his girlfriend to marry, his three sisters found that they were ready to tie the knot as well. In a time when reality television would have us think that a wedding is the ultimate prima donna moment, these four siblings cooperated with each other to make it a special and memorable event for all. Each couple enjoyed their own half-hour ceremony at St. George Utah Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, followed by a single reception of 1,000 of the family's relatives and close friends. Big parties are apparently not a problem.

Tell Me Just One More Time

Linda and David Blair broke the Guinness World Record for "Most Marriage Vow Renewals for the Same Couple" with their 66th renewal back in 2001. They have since raised the bar for any record hopefuls with their 109th vow renewal, exchanged last August 15. The initial ceremony took place in 1984 in California. Since then, they have said, "I do" in Canada, Aruba, Scotland and London, as well as at a football game and at a funeral parlor. Linda said, "I love to look into David's eyes as he is repeating his vows. I know that this man will love me until the day I die. Of course, David will tell you that he does it for the honeymoons!"

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