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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

One of the most important vendor choices a couple makes in planning their wedding is hiring a photographer. Wedding photography is a hotly competitive field. Professionals sell their services through one of two primary means: referrals and a spectacular portfolio. When presented with a truly magnificent portfolio, a couple might wonder just how one person managed to get so many fantastic and creative shots. The answer is, he or she had a great second shooter. The second shooter provides another pair or eyes to ensure that every special moment of the day is preserved for the wedding album. He or she also allows the primary photographer to spend a bit more time in capturing that one-of-a-kind shot that perfectly embodies the spirit of the event.

Teamwork Makes All the Difference

A wedding photographer that employs a second shooter is taking extra care to make certain that the event is covered from every angle. No matter how great an eye a single artist has for a good shot, there is nothing like a fresh perspective. For example, while the primary photographer is concentrating on a close-up of the couple at the altar, the second shooter could be getting the big picture with a wide-angle lens. The same moment is seen from both an intimate and a broad perspective. In general, a second shooter brings the following benefits to a wedding photography package:

  • Shots at multiple locations within the same time frame. The primary photographer may stay close to a bride as she gets ready, while the second shooter gets some candid shots of a groom and his party. Likewise, if the couple is together the whole time, one person might remain with the clients while the other snaps candid shots of the guests.
  • Freedom to get the signature shot. A second shooter allows the primary picture taker to set up and shoot a photo that is highly detailed or that uniquely reflects the location of the event without missing any of the traditional pictures that form the core of an album.
  • Having backup means that a photographer can go for the risky shot, one that he or she would never take while working alone for fear of missing a key moment.

Unique Take on the Day

A couple may or may not decide to go to the expense of hiring a wedding photographer, let alone see the need for a second shooter. Indeed, guests have been known to pool the pictures they take with their own phone cameras to create personalized wedding albums for a couple. While this approach can surely lead to some great moments, it is less likely to result in the intimate documentary a professional team can bring to the job.

How to Know You Have Made a Good Choice

As with other vendors, couples frequently choose a wedding photographer based on his or her past work. Second shooters are hired to enhance the express style of the artist. The decision to go with a certain business could be based on a single creative shot that was made possible because two people were covering the event. Even with a fabulous portfolio, however, it is difficult to know for sure if the vendor a couple hires is the best one to capture their celebration. A reliable indication is the way the photo team behaves at the event. A photographer and his or her second shooter will instill confidence by exuding perfect professionalism from the first shot to the last. This includes excellent communication, seamless organization and a friendly demeanor. First and second shooters may confer, but never argue. They will restrict their use of devices to their cameras. Most of all, they will enjoy their work. The very best wedding pictures express the sentiments of the moment and are able to distill the joy of the occasion by recognizing it in the details.

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