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A Guide To Selling Your Supplies After the Wedding

After the bells have ceased their chiming and the DJ has gone home, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing your wedding is over. While the difficult part might be over, you’re going to be faced with a few ...

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Budget Tips for Your Dream Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the chance for you and your significant other to relax and enjoy married life after an eternity of preparing for your wedding. While this might seem nice, a failure to go about your honeymoon in the rig ...

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Quick Tips To Improve Your Wedding Planning Experience

From start to finish, planning for a wedding can be a trying endeavor. No matter how much you might aim to avoid becoming a Bridezilla or Groom Kong, tensions can run high and you may easily seek to destroy a small city ...

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What to Do With Unneeded Wedding Gifts

The biggest perk to getting married is getting to start your life with the person you love, but everyone loves the gifts that come along with it! Whether your wedding was large or small, you probably received quite a few ...

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Start Stashing Wedding Cash Now With These Tips

Getting married is an expensive process. Even if you plan on having a very small and intimate gathering, you are still looking at a situation where you need to put forth a decent chunk of change. While there are many fac ...

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Wedding Reception Cash Bars: A Sensible Move or an Etiquette No-No?

Traditions and etiquette standards have changed a lot within the last 50 years, shifting as our social landscape has altered and technological innovations have impacted our daily lives. Some customs that would have been ...

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Tips for Getting Through Constant Business Trips

For most people, being separated from a spouse for a long period of time can be difficult and stressful. After all, isn't one of the perks of marriage that you get to be together most of the time? This is true for most, ...

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A Quick Guide to Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Rentals

Some sources indicate that tuxedo rentals are on their way out. A 2015 Business Insider piece explains that changing trends such as less formal weddings, online tuxedo vendors, and the shrinking gap between renting and p ...

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Smart Planning Tips for Unmarried Long-Term Couples

In our society, marriage is often considered an end goal for most adults, the final and logical destination for romantic partners who invest in their long-term relationships. However, some choose not to get married for a ...

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Managing Money in a Marriage

One of the biggest stressors in many marriages is money. Budgeting, bills, and finances in general can be a hard topic for many couples to deal with. In fact, it's a reason some couples wind up getting divorced. This i ...

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