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8 Reasons to Get Married in the Fall

There is a reason spring is called wedding season. The weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming and everything feels brand new. However, there are good reasons to go against the norm and get married at a different ...

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Unique Ways To Use Photography During Your Wedding

Taking a photo is easier than ever before thanks to the advent of digital photography. Once upon a time, wedding photos were limited to the professional ones shot (on film, no less) by photographers with heavy, expensive ...

Category: Wedding Planning Technology

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Should You Toss Out the Garter and Bouquet Traditions?

Ask casual observers to list common Western wedding traditions and you’ll probably hear about two sometimes questionable and embarrassing practices: bouquet and garter tosses. Although they’re customs from a ...

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4 Tips for Planning a Fabulous Brunch Wedding

When you picture a wedding reception, you likely envision a multi-course dinner, an open bar, and an artistically crafted cake. However, the brunch wedding trend has been gaining steam for the last couple of years thanks ...

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The 411 on Wedding Programs

What printed materials will you need for your wedding? Chances are, you’ve probably thought about invitations along with materials for the reception such as place, table, and escort cards. However, ceremony program ...

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Interesting American Wedding Customs You Might Want In Your Wedding

In the grand scheme of things, America is quite a young country. Still, a lot has changed since the nation was first colonized by Europeans. As the years have passed by, a number of traditions have come and gone. When it ...

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Crunching Numbers: A Breakdown of Your Wedding Budget

Whether you want a grand fairytale wedding, a simple low-key celebration or something in between, you’re going to need money to tie the knot. While only a few essential elements are legally required for you to marr ...

Category: Wedding Planning Marriage

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Audio Matters: Sound Advice for Your Wedding

As you’re pulling the details of your wedding together, it’s easy to overlook one crucial item: sound quality in your venue. While you may have a beautiful ceremony in mind, your guests will miss out if they ...

Category: Wedding Planning Technology

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Quick Tips To Improve Your Wedding Planning Experience

From start to finish, planning for a wedding can be a trying endeavor. No matter how much you might aim to avoid becoming a Bridezilla or Groom Kong, tensions can run high and you may easily seek to destroy a small city ...

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Having an Outdoor Wedding? Don’t Forget These Essentials

What’s not to love about an outdoor wedding? You could get married in a majestic location, enjoy fabulous weather, and incorporate natural scenery into your event’s theme and décor. On the other hand, ...

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