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Making Your Getaway: Transportation Options for Your Wedding

Your wedding is not just one of the most memorable events of your life, but it’s also a great opportunity to indulge yourself with some out-of-the-ordinary upgrades. If you’re used to making the daily commute ...

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Coed Wedding Showers: A Fresh Take on an Old Custom

Bridal showers have been a common wedding tradition for a little over a century, but changes in our social landscape warrant new modern interpretations of this custom. For same-gender couples or engaged pairs who want a ...

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What to Do With Unneeded Wedding Gifts

The biggest perk to getting married is getting to start your life with the person you love, but everyone loves the gifts that come along with it! Whether your wedding was large or small, you probably received quite a few ...

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Start Stashing Wedding Cash Now With These Tips

Getting married is an expensive process. Even if you plan on having a very small and intimate gathering, you are still looking at a situation where you need to put forth a decent chunk of change. While there are many fac ...

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Wedding Reception Cash Bars: A Sensible Move or an Etiquette No-No?

Traditions and etiquette standards have changed a lot within the last 50 years, shifting as our social landscape has altered and technological innovations have impacted our daily lives. Some customs that would have been ...

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The Sweetheart Table: A Hotly Debated Wedding Tradition

Depending on who you ask, the sweetheart table is either a great piece of wedding reception décor, a wonderful respite for newlyweds or a horrible tradition that puts the happy couple in an uncomfortable display. ...

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Common Wedding Cake Traditions, Unboxed

As you and your future spouse decide what sort of delectable sweet treat you’ll offer to your wedding guests, you’ll probably encounter some typical traditions involving wedding cake. There’s a reason b ...

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Details To Remember the Day of Your Wedding

Getting married can come with an awesome weight of responsibility. Not only do you need to be mature enough to handle the trials and tribulations of married life, you also need to dedicate a ton of time to planning for t ...

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Make Your Mark: Choosing Your Wedding Day Fragrance

You may have already thought about how individual elements such as clothing, footwear, and accessories will factor into your wedding day style. Meanwhile, scent is a powerful sensory detail that impacts emotions and well ...

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Planning a Summer Wedding? Keep These Tips in Mind

Statistically, spring weddings are reported to be the most popular option amongst couples tying the knot. Still, marrying in the spring is not as convenient as many would hope. Since venues throughout this season book fa ...

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