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Anxious BrideLife has a funny way of taking all of your carefully laid plans and throwing them out the window. While you may have spent months putting together your dream wedding, you have no way of knowing it will go off without a hitch. There are untold snags you could hit and it's best to learn how to roll with the punches. You only have control over so much and knowing how to go with the flow can make a big difference to how you experience your big day.

Since so many people get married each year, there are countless examples of wedding fails out there to make you feel a little less frightened about the future. Things can sometimes go awry, and that’s okay! All you need to do is take a second to laugh at what some other couples have gone through and understand that a few funny flubs won’t be the end of the world.

Down and Out

There are plenty of stories circulating around the internet about wedding-related mishaps and terrible fails. One recurring theme? Nerves tend to get the best of many happy couples. While most people feel some jitters before walking down the aisle, some have a really difficult time controlling these sensations. Many brides and grooms have reported that they felt so nervous about getting married that they vomited . . . some while standing at the altar. Others expressed their nerves gave them gas, making for some difficult limo rides to and from the reception.

Though stomach upsets are natural when nerves are involved, some couples have reported even stranger bouts with stress. One bride was so nervous at her own wedding that she took NyQuil to calm down. The results? She slept through the entire reception. If you think your nerves might get the best of you and your partner, the best solution is to consult with your doctor about options. This way, you’ll feel more confident over the control of your digestive system and your ability to stay awake for the event.


There are plenty of people involved with running a wedding. Coordinators and vendors and caterers all work fast to keep the party hopping from start to finish. When guests try to insert themselves, however, miscommunications can easily take place. Overly helpful family members and drunken friends can disrupt the normal flow of the night and create some peculiar problems. While you might not be able to stop one of these communication errors from taking place, you can definitely get a laugh or two when reading what other couples had to deal with.

One bride wrote online about how she and her husband wanted to take some pictures in front of their cake before they cut it and smashed it in each other’s faces. Unfortunately, a relative noticed them taking pictures and assumed it was time to cut the cake. This relative took it upon herself to have the cake cut and served, depriving the happy couple of their chance to slice into the confection. A simple misunderstanding, of course, but one that is quite common at weddings where guests try to lend a hand.

Alcohol Aplenty 

There are also a ton of wedding fail stories around the internet about how alcohol can make for some incredibly awkward and dangerous situations. Drinking responsibly is always important, but many people get a bit too loose when there’s an open bar. One person shared a story on Reddit about how his wedding officiant got so drunk he drove into the catering truck in the parking lot. Bartenders who know when to cut guests off can come in handy to lower the odds of this happening at your event.

While you can’t control the future, you can learn how to accept whatever happens in life. Look into more wedding fails to get out some laughs and feel better about your own special day.

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