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A Heart of Gems Blowing AwayWhether you’re a laidback person or you’re a classic “Type A” individual who stays on top of tasks, planning a wedding can present a wide range of challenges. Even if you’ve made your lists, checked them twice, counted your dollars carefully, and stayed on schedule, foul-ups can still happen. Regardless of who or what caused these problems, you can still save the day in most cases by following some sound advice.

1. Errors on Your Invitations

Ever have one of those days where everything you read seems to blur together? With small or script text on your wedding invitations, it can be easy to miss a misprint. A September 2015 Brides article stresses that you must evaluate the impact of the error before forming a plan of action. For small stuff like a misplaced comma, an extra space, or a misspelled name, you’re probably fine. However, mistakes in major details such as the date or the venue need your attention. Instead of a full reprint, enclose a card clarifying the error or mail postcards with the correct information if your invites have already shipped.

2. Regretful Wedding Party Choices

Despite your best intentions, wedding party problems can still happen. Perhaps you didn’t pick your people carefully, someone is not meeting crucial expectations, or one individual is causing drama. Before you act hastily, you should evaluate the true reasons that you regret your choice. If your current wedding party members are solid and reliable, don’t ask them to step down. Find other ways to involve the people you care about, such as asking them to read, perform at, or even officiate your ceremony.

Meanwhile, you need to chat with any problematic attendants as soon as possible. Potential root causes of their issues can include difficulty paying for wedding-related expenses, feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, or possible emotional insecurities. The Knot emphasizes the value of compromise to reach a solution that satisfies everyone involved. If you must ask someone to step down, Brides writer Elizabeth Mitchell recommends doing so as early as possible.

3. Revealing Too Many Juicy Details

Wedding planning excitement can naturally loosen your tongue, but there’s always the possibility that you could overshare. This can cause the big day to become a little anticlimactic or you may inadvertently cause hurt feelings in those who aren’t invited, but you could also end up with friends who snag your ideas for their own nuptials.

What can you do? It depends on who you ask. The Knot recommends leaving copycats alone, since your wedding will still be inherently different than theirs. On the other hand, Brides writer Amber Ray proposes that a potential “copycat” may be stuck for ideas and afraid to try something bold or unique. Offering some style or vendor suggestions can start your friend off on the right foot.

4. Going Over Your Wedding Budget

While planning your wedding, underestimating costs or careless spending can quickly put you over budget. Even so, you have some options for how to handle the situation. An April 2015 Brides piece suggests trying to work with vendors to renegotiate services, especially if you’ve still plenty of time before the big day. Scaling back on nonessentials you haven’t yet purchased may also free up extra money. If you’re still a few months away from the big day and haven’t already bought your favors, for example, you still have time to choose a less pricey alternative.

Everyone makes mistakes. Wedding planning provides plenty of opportunities for minuscule errors and big blunders alike. Fortunately, most of these can be rectified if you’re willing to be flexible, remain mindful of your priorities, and let go of the small stuff.


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