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The Quinceañera: A Coming of Age Celebration With Old Roots

Coming of age rituals are prevalent in many cultures across the world, both past and present. Each rite of passage places emphasis on values and responsibilities deemed to be important when a young person transitions fro ...

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Some Truly Unusual Weddings

While you and your partner are planning for your wedding, you might realize you want to include some very specific elements. Your wedding is a reflection of the love you share, which means you need to make sure the exper ...

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Avoid Disaster at Your Outdoor Wedding

After getting engaged, you and your partner may have spent many long hours discussing the details of when and where you wish to be wed. The preliminary planning phase of your wedding will probably be the most enjoyable. ...

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Throw a Wedding Without Throwing Away Your Savings

Making a commitment to love and cherish your partner forever can be a wonderful way to celebrate your bond. The decision to get married is no small undertaking. For everything to work out the way you might like it to, th ...

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Your Nuptial Edibles: Finding the Perfect Wedding Caterer

Selecting a caterer is one of the key decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. You want your food to be delicious and eye-catching, yet you also need to ensure that your ideas will not break the bank. If ...

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Bringing Your Best Four-Legged Friend to Your Wedding

When you and your partner make the decision to get married, it is most likely due to the fact you are ready for the commitment. For many couples, marriage is not the big step it used to be. Plenty of people decide to liv ...

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A Quick Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Wedding Guests

Emily Post wrote her etiquette guides well before the advent of social networking technologies. However, some direction is needed for modern situations in which social media may be used. Each pair of newlyweds has taken ...

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Strengthen a Lasting Connection

The decision to marry your partner is a thrilling one to come to. After being with your significant other for a certain amount of time, marriage is the next step in the process. If you and your partner have been together ...

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Wiccans Welcome Children Into the World With Blessing Rituals

Many religions include rituals that are performed after the birth of a child. In most cases, these celebrations take the form of naming and dedication ceremonies. Most in the United States are familiar with the concept o ...

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Jazz Funerals Both Mourn and Celebrate Departed Loved Ones

One commonality between human civilizations throughout history is the development of customs to remember and respect deceased family, friends and community members. Spiritual and cultural beliefs dictate how people bury ...

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