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A Guide To Selling Your Supplies After the Wedding

After the bells have ceased their chiming and the DJ has gone home, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing your wedding is over. While the difficult part might be over, you’re going to be faced with a few ...

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Having an Outdoor Wedding? Don’t Forget These Essentials

What’s not to love about an outdoor wedding? You could get married in a majestic location, enjoy fabulous weather, and incorporate natural scenery into your event’s theme and décor. On the other hand, ...

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What to Do With Unneeded Wedding Gifts

The biggest perk to getting married is getting to start your life with the person you love, but everyone loves the gifts that come along with it! Whether your wedding was large or small, you probably received quite a few ...

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Unique Funeral Ceremonies of Different Religions

Every single major religion throughout history has placed huge significance on dying and what comes after death. Whether a religion believes in an afterlife or reincarnation, each religion has guidelines for how to condu ...

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A Quick Guide to Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Rentals

Some sources indicate that tuxedo rentals are on their way out. A 2015 Business Insider piece explains that changing trends such as less formal weddings, online tuxedo vendors, and the shrinking gap between renting and p ...

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Tips for Planning Your Sustainable Wedding

Whether you’re concerned about financial feasibility or you aim to be socially and environmentally responsible, you may list sustainability as one of the major goals for your wedding. As you begin the planning stag ...

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What to Wear to Your Baptism

Getting baptized is a significant event in one's life. Whether this is something you have been planning on for a long time or something you have recently committed to, it's exciting and something that you will probably r ...

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Increase Your Wedding Luck With These International Customs

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a superstitious person, there is nothing wrong with hoping for a bit of good luck on the day of your wedding. For as long as marriage has been around, brides and grooms have bee ...

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Whose Wedding Is It, Anyway? Achieving Balance on Your Big Day

Although your wedding can reflect your personalities, values, and aesthetics, planning it may require a bit of a juggling act. After all, you aren’t just trying to balance both yours and your partner’s desire ...

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Smart Tips for Your Wedding Guest List

Getting married is a lot like planning a large party in many ways, especially since you’ll be including food, drink, entertainment and decorations. Besides these details, you’ll also need to select a venue an ...

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