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Fun Gift Ideas for a Baptism

The baptism of a child can be a big deal for many families. If you have someone close to you who is planning a baptism in the near future, you might want to start thinking about what you’re going to get for the lit ...

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Transgender Individuals Celebrate New Names as Rites of Passage

Picking a new name can be a pivotal moment in a transgender person’s life. Often, much care and deliberation leads up to the final choice, including taking some time to mentally “live with” the new name ...

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The Irish Wake: A Blend of Mourning and Celebration

Like many traditions in Irish culture, the wake is a combination of pre-Christian customs and Christian rituals. While it sprang from original traditions of keeping watch over the dead, variations of the practice are sti ...

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Cue the Music! Booking a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

Music can set the tone for your wedding reception, so it’s wise to use discretion when selecting a DJ. However, you might have some trouble deciding who to hire. A few helpful tips should guide you as you search fo ...

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Choosing Ceremonial Music for Your Wedding

Your wedding music choices set the tone of your affair and reflect a celebration of your new love. You’ll need to consider all the programmatic elements as you decide on individual songs and your overall mix of mus ...

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The Handfasting Ceremony: A Unique, Meaningful Way to Wed

If you have friends who are Wiccan or who follow other spiritual paths, you might have already heard about the handfasting ceremony. While the exact origins of the custom are unclear, some sources suggest that it has Cel ...

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Tips for Being a Great Godparent

When a child you love gets baptized, it's a very exciting time. The excitement is multiplied when you are asked to be the child's godparent. It's a blessing and an honor and something you shouldn't take lightly. As you p ...

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A Memorial Service for Miscarriage

Miscarriage, still birth, and infant loss seem to be a bit of a taboo subject. It's hard to think of the right words to say to a grieving mother and father who just lost their child, no matter at what point they lost the ...

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Things to Try Before Divorce

Let's face it; marriage is hard. No one makes it through a marriage without having a single conflict or argument. It's unrealistic to expect to have a marriage like this. What happens when your marriage goes beyond the n ...

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How to Survive Your Wedding Day

After months of planning and dreaming, your wedding day is here. Because you want everything to go perfectly, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You may be feeling nervous about the highly anticipated wedding ...

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