Modern Bridesmaid Etiquette - Be the Bride's Right Hand

There is more to being a good bridesmaid than simply showing up. It is a great honor to be asked to be a friend's or family member's bridesmaid and bear witness to the milestone of marriage. It is also a lot of work. ...

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Creative Ways to Disperse One’s Ashes

The steady rise in the popularity of cremation may be due to a number of factors. As an alternative to a traditional internment with a casket and a cemetery plot, cremation may prove to be far more affordable. There is ...

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Tips for a Beautiful, Bountiful Fall Wedding

Fall is a time of transformation, when we reap the rewards of the warm seasons and prepare for the times ahead. It is a spectacular season for coming together with family and friends to celebrate the wedding of two peo ...

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Adventure Weddings May Be the Next Big Thing

For some brides and grooms, a walk down the aisle just isn't enough to commemorate one of the biggest moments in their lives. These are the people who take the adage to heart: the family that plays together, stays togeth ...

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Tips for Planning a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Renewing one's vows to a partner is gaining in popularity, and why not? There may be no better way to acknowledge and honor a journey with a life partner that to commit all over again in front of friends and family. Rene ...

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New Way to Bring Peace Between Arabs and Israelis

The conflict between the Arabs and Israelis and has been raging for a very long time. Many people have tried to bridge the gap between the two groups without success. An unusual job advertisement for an ordained rabbi to ...

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How to Bless a Home in Spiritual Ceremony

Many people want to have the feeling of clarity and peace that comes with a house blessing, particularly when moving into a new home, or even at the start of a new year in a home they have lived in for many years. As one ...

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