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Fall is a time of transformation, when we reap the rewards of the warm seasons and prepare for the times ahead. It is a spectacular season for coming together with family and friends to celebrate the wedding of two people and their plans to move forward into a shared life. The fiery colors and changing textures of autumn can set the scene for a gorgeous fall wedding celebration. There are hundreds of creative ways to weave the season into attire, decorations, and of course, food. Whether your style leans toward simple elegance or country comfort, fall offers a cornucopia of fabulous ideas.

Wedding Attire

If you are going to forego traditional white, there is no better time than fall to dive into color. Why not be The Girl or Boy on Fire as you take your vows? Saturated reds and oranges warm and energize, and at the same time add a bit of drama. If a flaming wedding dress is not quite your thing, consider offsetting a white gown with an infusion of color everywhere else. Bridesmaids may dress in colors that echo the changing foliage. Accent ushers' formal wear with ochre and crimson patterned ties. Finish off the look with a twig and acorn boutonniere.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

Few things symbolize the season more distinctly than the pumpkin, as a major national retail coffee company so thoroughly demonstrates. The humble squash has a long history with ritual and celebration, from the jack-o'-lantern to Cinderella's coach. Use a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to decorate an aisle, an altar, and the reception area. Pumpkins make stunning bases for centerpiece flower arrangements. Some other ideas include:

  • For an evening wedding, create drama by lining the aisle with luminarias made from pumpkins.
  • Serve a rich, warm soup or stew in individual pumpkins.
  • Use pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, as cocktail snacks, strewn across tables for decoration, or have guests throw a handful as an alternative to rice.

Decorative Touches

Split the stem of a small gourd or pomegranate and place a handwritten seating card in the slot to direct guests to their spot. Another touch that brings the earthiness of fall to the table is wood veneer place cards. Stain thin sheets of veneer, and then cut and crease them to make place cards. Names can be written on the wood with a calligraphy pen for a simple and elegant look. Use the veneer, as well, to write a menu of special drinks for the bar, or to list options at the dessert table.

Falling Foliage

Bring the romance of falling autumn leaves to your celebration, even if your event is indoors. Instead of flower petals, your young helpers may lay a spectrum of fall foliage up the aisle. Strew colorful leaves across the tables for an organic and artfully windblown effect. Let your menu reflect the changing landscape, too. Consider oak leaf lasagna, with ricotta cheese nestled between layers of homemade pasta that has been colored with beet and other vegetable juices, and then cut into oak or maple leaf shapes.

A Harvest Menu

Take advantage of the season with the full and satisfying flavors of fall. Tall shot glasses are the ideal vessel for brilliantly colored pureed vegetable soups. Roasted and candied nuts make the perfect cocktail snack. Apples are another joy of the season. Delight guests with mini candied apples, passed as hors d'oeuvres. A wonderful and seasonal favor is a salted caramel apple. Arrange them on a table, or wrap individually in a swath of cellophane for transport. Insert a sturdy twig for easy eating and a fun look. If you like, you can leave the assembly to your guests and offer a candied apple bar so that they can create their own. On another sweet subject, pies offer a rustic and delicious alternative or addition to wedding cake. Arrange miniature pies on tiered cupcake platters, with bowls of fresh whipped cream alongside. It is a simple and delicious end to a warm celebration.

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