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Adventure WeddingsFor some brides and grooms, a walk down the aisle just isn't enough to commemorate one of the biggest moments in their lives. These are the people who take the adage to heart: the family that plays together, stays together. More and more couples are looking to sprint, climb and otherwise muscle their way to matrimony. The trend toward individualized ceremonies is blending with a desire that many couples share for incorporating their active lifestyles into their wedding festivities. In their enthusiasm, they are encouraging their friends and other loved ones to join them in a little sport before popping the champagne.

Beyond Yoga

In the recent past, a deeper focus on health and well-being led many resorts and destinations to offer services such as bridal party yoga sessions as part of a wedding package. Active couples are now taking that notion a step further. They may schedule spinning and aerobics classes, morning tai chi, or an introductory climbing class as a preliminary part of the celebrations. James Miles, managing editor of, thinks that social media has played a large role in encouraging and incorporating more athleticism in events. Miles said, "I think the rise in popularity of the personalization of weddings is really the result of being surrounded by inspiration."

Courting Athletes and the People Who Love Them

Destination resorts and other venues are eagerly showcasing their sporting facilities for couples who are looking for "do" in their "I do's." Venues post and publish everything they have to offer to the active couple, from beach volleyball to whitewater rafting. Since the idea is to get everybody into the proverbial pool, professional fitness instructors are on board to help everyone, from the seasoned athletes to the weekend warriors, have a good time. The key to a successful adventure wedding is to make sure that everyone can participate. In this light, it matters less that all guests are doing the same thing, and more that everyone is participating in something they can enjoy. A ten o'clock 5K run may be scheduled concurrently with an introduction to meditation. The idea is to give every guest the opportunity to participate.

Making Time to Play

Brides and grooms who want to break a sweat as well as tie the knot may benefit from a little professional organization. If the event were to be held at a resort, the couple would do well to consult with management about scheduling outings and classes for different groups. If the wedding is in a town or municipal area, it might be necessary to reserve court time for basketball games or a celebratory tennis tournament. This would be true, as well, for novel ideas such as a bocce tournament or a horseshoe competition. Consult regional parks and recreation districts for a schedule.

Extreme Weddings

Some dedicated couples choose to exchange vows under truly special circumstances. For these couples, the most meaningful ceremony is the one they have to work for, and hard. They believe the great adventure of marriage deserves no less than an adventurous beginning. Extreme ceremonies may include:

  • Scaling a mountain to the summit
  • A deep-sea dive
  • Skydiving
  • A multi-event race

Family, friends and an officiant might wait at the finish line or jump into the action, as they are inclined.

Breaking the Mold

The move toward more physically active weddings may indicate a shift in attitude about what it means to celebrate. A traditional catered reception is not reflective of every couple's personality. A truly memorable wedding is one at which the people getting married are able to express their joy in one another's company. When two people literally cross a finish line together, it not only makes for great photographs, it provides an enduring metaphor for the life adventure that is about to begin.

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