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How to Bless a Home in Spiritual CeremonyMany people want to have the feeling of clarity and peace that comes with a house blessing, particularly when moving into a new home, or even at the start of a new year in a home they have lived in for many years. As one of many religious ceremonies that an ordained minister may be called upon to officiate, it is helpful to know some basics of how to perform a house blessing and some of the spiritual meaning within some elements of the rite.

A house is a sacred space, full of the objects and items of those who live there as well as the memories and impressions of those who have passed through. It is recommended that the home occupants begin the process of a house blessing ceremony by cleaning and going through the house to review belongings, and begin toward clarity and peace by making the space clear and uncluttered.

As a home is a social place, it is good to invite those of the close social circle of the homeowners in to participate in the ceremony. Everyone that will help perform the cleansing ritual can have noisemakers, from kitchen implements to bells and rattles, to join in with the minister who will perform the rite in banishing old energy. Experts also recommend spring water, salt, sage incense and rosemary oil to use throughout the process, as well as two pieces of rose quartz for every door to the outside in the house.

Beginning in the room where the occupants spend the most time, start humming or chanting (some recommend vowels a, e, i, o and u, drawing out each sound on a single breath), and proceeding counterclockwise through the house, have the entire party join in chanting things like "dark times begone" or "illness go out from here" and making noise with the noisemakers. Go through the house a second time, smudging the doors, windows, and vents with smudge sticks or sage and sprinkling salt water there also.

Finally, go through the home a third time, this time going the other direction, clockwise (also called "sunwise"), with participants calling out blessings for those who dwell there, and anointing the windows and doors with rosemary oil. Place a piece of rose quartz on either side of each door to outside, allowing only good energy to pass into the home.

A house blessing similar to this is the sort of spiritual services you can offer to family, friends, and loved ones as an ordained minister.

The Universal Life Church has a very simple procedure online allowing all who are motivated to serve to become ordained. They also provide a large volume of information detailing how to perform several different ceremonies in a ministerial capacity. Explore this site to learn more.

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