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Groom Posing for CameraYour wedding photos are still frames from probably the most significant moment of your life, holding treasured memories for decades to come. However, your snapshots could be accidentally ruined by seemingly minor details that turn into major flaws. A skilled photographer can catch some problems prior to your shoot, but some elements will clearly be out of his or her control. Paying attention to smaller minutiae can save you some grimace-worthy moments when you’re perusing your nuptial photos later down the road.

Specs or No Specs? Options for Your Big Day

One common worry of many folks tying the knot is that wearing their eyeglasses will mar the look of their photos due to their frames looking incongruous with one’s attire or reflection and glare from their lenses. Keep in mind that contacts are always an option, and seasoned contact wearers will need to make sure they have adequate amounts of saline solution and an updated prescription. Not used to contact lenses? Obtain your prescription a month or two in advance to give yourself enough time to adjust.

For those who solidly prefer specs, make sure you have a chat with your photographer. This gives him or her the heads-up to plan shooting and editing strategies that will minimize glare. Additionally, Bridal Musings contributor Claire McGowran recommends several best practices for looking fab in your eyewear:

  • Choosing a frame that fits with your apparel
  • Picking matching or complementary accessories
  • Opting for more natural makeup tones
  • Selecting hairstyles that contrast with your frames’ structure whenever possible

Furthermore, you should select anti-glare lenses and bring your specs with you when shopping for wedding apparel.

Dealing With Shutter-Happy Guests

In the age of mobile devices, nearly everyone has the instant ability to digitally capture every moment. Nevertheless, picture-taking attendees can pose problems for professional photographers during your special day. Huffington Post writer Sandy Malone mentions in a 2017 piece that a sea of smartphones can blemish the atmosphere, which is why some couples opt for “unplugged” celebrations.

Moreover, cellphone or tablet users can foul things up for photographers and videographers. Flashing lights can deface an otherwise great take, or invitees may unwittingly end up in carefully planned shots when they try to get too close to the action. There are even horror stories of photographers and videographers being shoved out of the way by overly enthusiastic guests attempting to capture their own footage. The ability to edit out these blunders is limited, even with today’s technology, so you may want to encourage your invitees to give their own cameras a rest and let your vendors handle capturing the big moments.

A Few Words About “Dated” Wedding Garb

Browse any wedding pictures from the 1980s and you’ll probably be greeted by sights of “mall hair,” gowns with huge puffy sleeves and powdery pastel tuxedos with ruffled vests or dress shirts. While that decade was saturated with what we’d now view as questionable fashion choices, you may worry about “dated” apparel no matter when you’re getting married. A Practical Wedding’s Megan Keene opined that “timeless wedding” looks may not be attainable even with simpler, more understated sartorial selections. Her advice? Follow your feelings and budget, and allow yourself to “go big or go home” if you so desire.

You want your photos to be mementos of your special day, so it’s a good idea to adhere to some useful tips to ensure they look great. Eyeglasses’ glare can be combatted with advanced preparation, and you may not be able to sidestep a “dated look.” Your biggest worries are intrusive guests left to their own devices, so asking them to cool it with their own snapshots is your best bet to avoid permanently ruined wedding pictures.


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