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Benefits of Attending Premarital Counseling

When you get engaged to the love of your life, things often become a whirlwind. There are many different decisions and plans that need to be made. However, there is one thing people may forget about in the craziness of ...

Category: Get Ordained Wedding Planning

How to Deliver a Memorable Eulogy

Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing. It is often followed by grief and sadness that are hard to explain. This is only complicated by the fact that after the person passes away, there are decisions that need to ...

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The Process of Baptism for Christians

When you have made the decision to become a Christian, then you may decide that baptism is right for you. Many people have their babies baptized within the first few weeks or months of life, but there are many who view ...

Category: Get Ordained Baptism

A Look at the Most Common Wedding Traditions

There are a wide variety of wedding traditions that have become so common many don't know where they came from. Do you ever wonder why the bride wears a white dress on her wedding day, carries a bouquet, or wears a vei ...

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Planning Your Funeral Service

It can be hard to think about, but the fact is all of us are going to die one day. It's a sad thing, but it's just part of life. When someone dies, it can be a very difficult time for the family. Not only have they los ...

Category: Get Ordained Funeral


How to Write Your Will: Some Helpful Tips

It's a topic no one wants to think about, but something that is necessary. Eventually you're going to die, and your will must decide where your assets go. Some think they do not need to write up a will until they are o ...

Category: Get Ordained Funeral

Selecting the Best Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Once you have become engaged to the love of your life, your life has likely become a whirlwind of decision making and you may have a hectic schedule. Thi ...

Category: Wedding Planning Ceremonies


Finding Your Perfect Match

Most people have the desire in life to find the perfect match for them. It's a natural desire for men and women to want partners to have by their side for better or for worse. However, since nearly half of all marriage ...

Category: Get Ordained

Proper Baptism Etiquette

Being dedicated or baptized at birth or even at a later time in life is a common practice in religion. The practice dates back to Biblical times; even Jesus was baptized. Generally, a dedication is when parents dedicat ...

Category: Get Ordained Baptism

Cremation Up Among People Who Eschew Organized Religion

More and more people are choosing cremation funeral urn on white background The Cremation Association of North America has noticed an interesting trend. In the past 15 years, the cremation rate has doubled, most clea ...

Category: Get Ordained Funeral Ceremonies

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